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Category: best practice & insights

Successful methods, practices or proceedings in e-commerce on a watch.

FACT-Finder Release 7.2: merchandising meets personalisation

The FACT-Finder Release 7.2, which offers brand new functions alongside backend improvements and increased performance, is to be released just in time for the eCommerce Expo London on 28.09.2016. You, our customers, have played a major role in determining the contents of the most recent version, for your suggestions and requests have been channelled directly into the development. The result is a logical expansion to Version 7.1. Discover some of the most important innovations below.

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Ecommerce Roadmap 2016: Infographic to accompany the FACT-Finder Retailer Survey

Comprehensive retailer survey

Which roles will marketplaces play in future? How much potential lies in predictive analytics? And what will the key issue be in mobile commerce in 2016? Within the context of a study conducted by FACT-Finder, more than 700 ecommerce insiders provided answers to strategically significant questions.
The results of the comprehensive retailer survey show how online retailers feel regarding current trade issues and trends, and which measures are at the top of their To-Do lists for this year.

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Usability explained: Examples and advice for successful user guidance

To help online visitors with orientation and to speed up a user’s search for the right product, most web shops use an auto-suggest function. Successful user guidance, this means, having typed the first few characters into the search field a list of word suggestions will appear.

Today’s searching technologies allow retailers to play off further data such as pricing, customer ratings and brand logos in the list of suggestions. In this way, access to a whole range of products is additionally supported. However, shops still need to be careful when using these techniques as an overload of text and pictures will only lead to confusion among users.

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5 Best Practice Hints for Maximised E-Commerce Success

As a matter of principle, individual online shops require their own unique optimisation measures. Nonetheless there are a number of recommendations that apply to all – some very basic, others much more complex. But one rule rings true for all: The devil is in the detail.

Here’s five best practice tips to ensure maximised e-commerce success.

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4 tips for your cross channel strategy – best practices from Conrad Electronic

Cross channel distribution is in the focus of the digital commerce – and already now sustainable strategies are carried out to bind customers to the company through all sales channels.

Buying in the internet and picking up in the store around the corner, finding online articles at store terminals and having them delivered to the doorstep, using the online shop as a showroom in order to guide customers into brick and mortars (ROPO strategy). Customers don’t care about the particular channel – for them, omni channel commerce simply means a fulfilling shopping experience. They only recognize it if it doesn’t work.

Leave a Comment – our customer in Turkey has gone live with FACT-Finder

We are very happy to present our first client in Turkey who has gone live with FACT-Finder Search & Navigation solution: On visitors can now find the products they are looking for more quickly and conveniently in a user-friendly and intelligent way. Ara.bu.lvar is an OTTO Group project and a comprehensive site, offering thousands of different products- starting from electronics and clothing, ending on cosmetics and toys. FACT-Finder provides a number of great features for the ecommerce site, such as the Suggest or the After Search Navigation and faceted Search.