Recommendation engine

Maximise cross- and upselling with minimal effort.

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Offer alternatives or matching pieces as recommendations based on frequently occurring relations

Right recommendations boost average cart value

The Recommendation Engine from FACT-Finder detects frequently occurring correlations between products and categories and automatically displays the most appropriate purchase recommendations.

Recommending complementing or matching products to customers increases satisfaction and sales

Additional offers that fit to all selected products

Frequently, recommendations have to match the entire contents of a shopping cart. If a cart contains a shirt and a tie, FACT-Finder will display offers that complement both ideally – such as a waistcoat.

New: Personalised Recommendation

New: Personalised Recommendations

The better an offer matches a customer’s taste, the more likely he will buy. By tracking individual clicks, cart contents and purchases, FACT-Finder delivers custom-tailored product recommendations.

By offering alternative items you can increase your margins

High-margin alternatives for succesful upselling

Besides additional offers, FACT-Finder recommends alternative items, which bring you more profit. Only a few minutes after you defined the price range the offers appear automatically.

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