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1500 online shops worldwide

FACT-Finder is Europe's market leader for search, merchandising and navigation in online shops. Our intelligent out-of-the-box onsite search solution has already been used in 52 languages, 127 countries, and is currently used in more than 1500 shops all around the globe.

Head of E-Commerce

“Our expectations were high, but the results surprised even us.”

Christine Wurm, Christ

Omnichannel Retailers

Whether online, mobile or at in-store terminals; retailers use FACT-Finder to display the right product to their shop visitors in the right channel – increasing both customer loyalty and sales.

Multi Channel Development Manager

FACT-Finder provides relevant, good quality product results, very fast at a competitive price.

Dan Collier, Hobbycraft

Pure Players

It is all about the conversion rate. The easier customers find the desired products, the higher the conversion rate. This is why hundreds of online pure players integrated FACT-Finder.

Team Leader of Shop Systems

FACT-Finder offers altogether excellent features which effects can be seen immediately. We could not have connected the online and offline world of EURONICS this well without FACT-Finder and NETFORMIC.

Ulrich Seibel, EURONICS

B2B Shops

B2B buyers expect the same buying comfort as every other customer. With FACT-Finder B2B merchants enable easy and fast search in a huge online product range.

Web and Mobile Project Manager

Our clientele is composed of B2B professionals, many of whom are independent traders having little time for managing their orders and supplies. Consequently, they want simple, efficient tools.

Christophe de Baere, METRO

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Case Studies

Hobbycraft’s conversion soars up to 170%
Case Studies
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Popken Fashion Group scales their business with FACT-Finder
Case Studies