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Author: Karsten Brand

Karsten works in the marketing department of Omikron (FACT-Finder). He has been with the company since 1997, coordinates marketing operations and is also responsible for SEO, SEM and conversion optimisations.

FACT-Finder – the alternative to Google Commerce Search

5 Reasons for online shop retailers to switch from Google Commerce Search (GCS) to FACT-Finder

The rumours about the end of Google’s foray into on-site search for online shops have been confirmed. In the comments on TechCrunch and other industry blogs, questions from GCS customers are piling up:

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Semantic Search: Challenges, usability, future.
An introduction by Carsten Kraus.

During this year´s TTI Autumn Conference in London, Carsten Kraus, CEO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, held a speech on “Semantic Search”, the challenges and how it effects the user-experience in Online Travel Agencies. He answered the question, why semantic search is a buzz word for a long time, what’s possible today and he gave a glimpse into the future of semantic search.


Why retailers must embrace omni-channel marketing

A brick-and-mortar store, a traditional website, a mobile optimised site, a tablet optimised version, a Facebook page, etc. – in our digital world the customer has access to an increasing number of touchpoints. Omni-channel marketing is the magic word and the next generation of multi-channel marketing.


Use Information from Search Requests to Increase Revenue.

Easter, Summer Fashion, P3, Shirt, and Nike: Every search term entered in your online-shop provides valuable insight as to how your customers think – and how they buy. Information is often concealed within the terms used, and this you can use to your own advantage – for improved search results, special landing pages, or product ranges. Use it to reach the heart of your target group.