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Everything about FACT-Finder: updates , product information , features, events, expos, FF video content, webinare and more.

5 Learnings from one year of Customer Excellence Consulting.

For one year, our Customer Excellence team advices FACT-Finder customers across Europe – with the aim of achieving a maximum conversion and highest customer satisfaction. Our experiences reveal: Hidden potential for optimization remains in nearly every online shop.

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FACT-Finder – the alternative to Google Commerce Search

5 Reasons for online shop retailers to switch from Google Commerce Search (GCS) to FACT-Finder

The rumours about the end of Google’s foray into on-site search for online shops have been confirmed. In the comments on TechCrunch and other industry blogs, questions from GCS customers are piling up:

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FACT-Finder networks with the EHI Retail Institute

Since January 2013, FACT-Finder is a member of the EHI Retail Institute, one of the most prestigious trade institutes in Germany. EHI conducts research on current trade issues, acts as a management consultant and certifies online shops with the EHI seal of approval. In addition, the Institute organizes trade fairs, such as the EuroCIS that takes place in Dusseldorf from the 19th to 21st of February 2013.

Leave a Comment reports on FACT-Finder Travel and semantic search

FACT-Finder Travel is the innovative semantic search technology for online travel portals. Interviewed on Carsten Kraus, CEO of FACT-Finder, and Anja Maisch, Head of FACT-Finder Travel, explain the functions and advantages of FACT-Finder Travel and why it will be the future usability standard of online travel portals.

Leave a Comment – our customer in Turkey has gone live with FACT-Finder

We are very happy to present our first client in Turkey who has gone live with FACT-Finder Search & Navigation solution: On visitors can now find the products they are looking for more quickly and conveniently in a user-friendly and intelligent way. Ara.bu.lvar is an OTTO Group project and a comprehensive site, offering thousands of different products- starting from electronics and clothing, ending on cosmetics and toys. FACT-Finder provides a number of great features for the ecommerce site, such as the Suggest or the After Search Navigation and faceted Search.


FACT-Finder hedged against the Java “floating” bug

Yesterday I was at a seminar event and during the lunch break I got a message about the Oracle patch. The day before, Oracle has fixed a weak spot that became public on 08/02/2011. The patch prevents the conversion of value 2.2250738585072012e-308 and the server gets into an infinite loop (Denial-of-Service).

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Giving children hope and future …

The civil war in northern Myanmar has forced many families to flee into Thailand. Having no money, many children are sold, abandoned, or forced into prostitution. I became aware of the disastrous situation of these children during my trip to Asia in 2005. And at that moment I decided to take part in an ambitious project based in the border triangle of Myanmar-Laos-Thailand which helps give these children a future. Omikron has been supporting various Hope for Life projects for more than three years now. This Christmas it is a great oppotunity to look back.