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The victory of AlphaGo against Lee Sedol is a turning point in history

We are a geeky company and Go is one of the most played games among our colleague. During the last few days there were some pretty exciting discussions on the recent development of AI. What does Alphago winning against Lee Sedol mean? We asked FACT-Finder CEO Carsten Kraus, our founder and active Go-player about the importance of Alphago not for the future of technology but for society.

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Companies Need to be doing More than Simply Paying Lip-Service to Data Quality

Too many businesses are viewing ‘Big Data’ as merely a trend and are not extracting long-term value from it. Data quality management as duty.

This has been evident for some time but it has now been highlighted by comprehensive research we have undertaken, which raises questions about the lack of support, which is being accorded to data within organisations.

The business world is based on data, not computers. This is understood on paper, yet often neglected in practice. It is necessary for a clear strategic and interdepartmental position on the issue, so departments know where responsibility lies.

Leave a Comment reports on FACT-Finder Travel and semantic search

FACT-Finder Travel is the innovative semantic search technology for online travel portals. Interviewed on Carsten Kraus, CEO of FACT-Finder, and Anja Maisch, Head of FACT-Finder Travel, explain the functions and advantages of FACT-Finder Travel and why it will be the future usability standard of online travel portals.

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Semantic Search: Challenges, usability, future.
An introduction by Carsten Kraus.

During this year´s TTI Autumn Conference in London, Carsten Kraus, CEO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, held a speech on “Semantic Search”, the challenges and how it effects the user-experience in Online Travel Agencies. He answered the question, why semantic search is a buzz word for a long time, what’s possible today and he gave a glimpse into the future of semantic search.


Is semantic search the future “must-have” for online travel agencies (OTAs)?

Semantic search is becoming more and more of a hot topic in the online travel industry. Early adopters in that field are: and Neckermann Urlaubswelt. Both use a single-box search engine on their websites.

In an interview for Travolution, Carsten Kraus, founder of FACT-Finder, pointed out, that OTAs today use a 20-year-old search technology. Thus, he is certain, there will be a shift, as travel seekers move from standard search engines to semantic technologies eventually ceasing to use OTA sites altogether which do not have this technology.

Is it true? Should OTAs be preparing themselves for significant change?

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Semantic Travel Search. Comparative study of OTA’s search technology.

Semantic travel search comparative study
Semantic travel search comparative study

How can semantic search improve the usability of online travel agencies? Our comparative study of the usability of online travel agencies was performed on 42 test persons in August 2011 (you can download the comparative study on the FACT-Finder Travel website). To study the behaviour when using online travel agencies, the test persons were first presented with a representation of five top-performing online travel agencies and next presented with the semantic travel search of FACT-Finder Travel. The results of the study were based on in-depth interviews as well as eye tracking performed on 70% of the test persons.

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