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eCommerce in Europe: trends and outlook. Part IV

France: Many French online shops are planning to go abroad, so internationalization is a booming market, as is m-commerce. Among other significant topics relevant for French eCommerce in 2011 are SEO, email marketing, and logistics (the most popular trend is using larger websites’ experience of traditional logistics and co-operating with La Poste, which has subsidiaries around Europe).
(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

Spain: Despite its economy has taken a battering over the past 12 months, the growth rate for eCommerce will still be one of the highest in Europe with many more retailers going online. In 2011, we believe, Spanish online shops will mostly invest in SEO and in driving traffic to their websites – the building blocks of successful online trading.
(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

Italy: Italian e-tailers will continue investing and developing themselves in areas such as keyword advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and also in m-commerce. Using internet resources to promote brands and driving traffic to sites will be more significant than in 2010, and we expect Italy’s eCommerce sector to post high growth for 2011.
(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

Poland: Although not as developed as Western European markets, Poland has a huge potential. The eCommerce market is gradually opening up for a lot of other players and they (finally) get the chance to emerge. Retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the possibilities the internet offers, increasing visibility, and enhancing the usability of the online shop’s webpage.
(Image source: Flickr, steveconover)

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