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Tag: internationalisation

E-Commerce Nordics: It’s all about Internationalisation.

Swedish Distanshandelsdagen 2014 had a strong focus on internationalisation, customer experience and cross channel scenarios.

Sweden’s e-commerce is booming: As an annual average, Internet shoppers spend more than 1000 € each – mostly on books, clothes and home electronics. Meanwhile, the online trading in Sweden generates an annual turnover of over 7 billion euros, with a rising trend.

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E-Commerce Paris 2013 with a new focus: “Customer empowerment”

From the 24th to the 26th September 2013, E-Commerce Paris, Europe’s largest cross-channel event, attracted about 30,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors to Paris’ “Porte de Versailles”. Since its founding in 2004, where the event counted 1,500 visitors and 10 exhibitors, the international trade fair continues to grow steadily.

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Six critical success factors for the internationalisation of an e-commerce platform in the EU

Despite persisting language barriers among EU inhabitants, the economical life throughout the EU is growing progressively together. Not least due to the strong will of some politicians, such as Wolfgang Schäuble (“For the future, we need more Europe, not less Europe”) do we seek for a merging of electronic commerce among the EU member countries. This will be achieved by adopting a new law by the end of 2013. This will initiate an enormous boost related to cross-border European e-commerce.