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Tricks of the Trade: Long Tail 101

Popular search terms account only for 30% of the overall searches performed on the web. The remaining 70% of search queries occur within the so-called Long-Tail. The Long-Tail is an increasingly important strategy for the future business of online retailing and is all about selling less of more.

Today the Long Tail term does not only account for these niche products, but also to search requests with deviations from regular spelling. So if your search ecommerce engine is incapable of understanding typographical errors, singular or plural terms etc. you have got great news coming.

Let the Search Function Boost Your Sales

Now you might begin wondering what this actually will mean to your business, so let us use the product ‘yellow T-shirt’ as an example. If the shop visitor uses the formulation ‘yellwo T-shirt’, many search engines will already be inundated with information; but not FACT-Finder. The FACT algorithm has been modeled on human similarity estimation, the search function therefore recognizes word components in all imaginable combinations without painfully long, manually composed word lists, even when ‘T-shirt’ appears in the product name, but ‘yellow’ somewhere else in the description.

Specific search requests = Determined purchasers

A user who enters the specific search request ‘red Nike running shoes for men’ probably knows already exactly what product he/she is looking for, therefore it is highly likely that this user will become a purchaser – quite the opposite to the shop visitor who only searches for ‘shoes’. General search requests are broken off more frequently because in most cases the decision to purchase has not yet been made.

Although specific search requests are made less often, they still result in significantly more sales. So why not capitalize on this? FACT-Finder deals with each and every formulation of search requests – with the result that you will achieve considerably more sales with your Long Tail!

Online web shops are in an ever competitive environment, and the only clear winners will be business strategies that take the Long Tail seriously.

 long tail strategy

FACT-Finder finds the right products even if they were misspelled, differ from the actual product names or contain special features.
Learn more about the Long Tail strategy and FACT-Finder.


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