With a gargantuan catalogue of over 20,000 items, retail giant Webhallen had a duty of care to their customers in the provision of more streamlined, seamless navigation. FactFinder stepped in with AI-powered product discovery and personalization. Let’s see how it all went down.

Webhallen‘s growth from a small Stockholm apartment to one of Sweden‘s premier destinations
for electronics, gaming and gadgets demonstrates its innovative spirit. They were among the
first in Sweden to display real-time stock balances and accept bitcoin, maintaining a competitive
edge. In 2022, Webhallen reported global net sales of approximately 139.3 million U.S. dollars,
affirming its robust presence in the Swedish market and its significant role in the electronics and
hobby & leisure sectors

Confronting the search challenge:

Webhallen had to conquer the task of managing search results for over 20,000 products with Elasticsearch – a job that became increasingly resource-intensive. This strain threatened their scalability and customer service quality, with issues like maintaining a relevant dropdown list of products becoming a growing concern.

Understanding the current market trends:

In an era where eCommerce is rapidly advancing, Webhallen’s implementation of FactFinder aligns with the current surge towards personalized shopping experiences and value-based consumer engagement.

FactFinder’s AI solution steps up and gets results:

FactFinder’s AI-driven platform offered an innovative solution, automating product discovery to provide a personalized and efficient search experience. This allowed Webhallen to better meet modern eCommerce expectations. Switching to FactFinder, compared to their previous Elasticsearch system, brought tangible benefits

Why FactFinder is the #1 choice for Webhallen:

FactFinder was chosen for its exceptional eCommerce capabilities, delivering a substantial upgrade to Webhallen’s online presence. Its selection was driven by several standout features:

Personalization & enhanced user experience:
FactFinder‘s algorithms tailored the search experience to match the personal touch of Webhallen’s physical stores, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

Intuitive discovery with ‘related results’:
the platform’s ‘Related Results’ feature innovatively suggested relevant products, enriching the shopping experience by offering options beyond direct search terms.

Boost in operational efficiency:
FactFinder automated search relevance, freeing up Webhallen’s team from manual tuning and allowing them to redirect their efforts towards innovation and enhancing the customer experience. 

About FactFinder

FactFinder is the European leader in eCommerce product discovery and search. We help over 2,000 online shops worldwide like MyTheresa, Intersport, OBI, Stihl and Elkjøp Nordic increase revenue by 20-33% with outstanding shopping experiences. By combining human and artificial intelligence, we understand every shopper‘s intent from the first click. Smarter algorithms and human expertise create a union that will always give a competitive edge. Every day, millions of B2C and B2B shoppers find what they are looking for with FactFinder – fast, personalized and with joy.