FACT-Finder 7.2 opens up new sales and revenue opportunities

Posted on 17th September

The current release of the ecommerce search tool FACT-Finder combines functions for merchandising and personalisation and enables an up to 98 percent faster integration.

Alongside improved ease of use and enhanced performance, FACT-Finder 7.2 offers users new possibilities by which to increase turnover and average order value.

As such, the Campaign Manager module has been expanded in several ways: products that are to be sold off as a matter of preference can now be positioned throughout the shop in attention-grabbing positions – which includes on pages that have been generated via the respective retailer’s shop system, e.g. home page, category pages or content areas. At the same time, users can increase the relevance of the displayed products by activating personalisation for the campaigns – a feature that has been specifically requested by many shop operators.

The FACT-Finder Instore Ads integrated into Version 7.2 generate advertising revenues: this involves brand placement in the search results, which are paid for by the respective manufacturers on a CPC basis. Kevin Sparks, Commercial Director of FACT-Finder UK Ltd, explains why the feature should be of interest to many retailers: “Shop operators invest a great deal of money in traffic generation. With Instore Ads they can now monetarise even those visitors that do not make a purchase.”

What’s more, the release 7.2 enables an integration into online shops at a faster speed: using Web Components. These are HTML blocks which represent FACT-Finder features in the browser – an easy integration method, which is also used when embedding YouTube videos or Google Map.
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Last but not least, FACT-Finder 7.2 brings with it a host of improvements that facilitate users in their everyday work and also save time. For instance, there are a large number of configuration options included for the adjustment of the import feed, for the generation of filters and for the setting up of advisor campaigns. Kevin Sparks, Commercial Director of FACT-Finder UK Ltd says: “The current FACT-Finder release is a logical development of Version 7.1. We are delighted that we have been able to make many of our customers’ suggestions and requests reality.”

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