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FACT-Finder 7.3 makes running your online shop even more efficient

Posted on 17 May

The market launch of the new FACT-Finder version is now: The current release allows retailers to run several online stores simultaneously and to speed up operational processes.

Retailers using FACT-Finder across several online shops can now use their internal resources even more efficiently. With the release of the 7.3 version, you can now control different FACT-Finder channels, i.e. shops using the search solution, simultaneously.

This is possible via multi-channel configuration, a feature allowing users to determine the dependencies between channels. All enhancements in a main, parent channel are automatically carried over to the subordinate, child channels.
For example: to create synonym lists across all of the English-language shops, you only have to place the lists in a superior, main English-language channel. There is no more need to enter them into each and every single subordinate channel. Now, you implement suggestion adjustments, search result ranking rules, and many other useful settings with ease and efficiency.

Albert Pusch, Marketing Manager at FACT-Finder, says: "The new operating concept considerably reduces the operational needs for managing a shop. Retailer and corporations can roll out adjustments and optimisations more quickly than ever and they can dedicate the saved resources to other important tasks."

For the launch of FACT-Finder 7.3, we are offering a free webinar that will take place on on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:00 AM (GMT)

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About FACT-Finder

FACT-Finder - a technology developed by Omikron Data Quality GmbH - is the best-selling eCommerce software in Europe for onsite-searches, navigation, merchandising, personalisation and recommendations. It is used by retailers such as Media Markt, OBI and Douglas, as well as by online pure players such as Mytheresa and Bergfreunde. Internationally, FACT-Finder is used in more than 1,800 online shops.

Whether online, mobile or on terminals in a shop: wherever customers are looking for relevant information, FACT-Finder runs the right data and supports even the most demanding omni-channel strategies. Shortly after being integrated, sales increases of up to 33 percent can be achieved online. On mobile shops, the increase can even reach up to 125 percent.

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