Maximize retention rate with machine learning.

The Predictive Basket and its intelligent suggestion list

The Predicitve Basket forecasts the entire shopping list with the help of artificial intelligence.
The algorithm recognizes the behavior pattern of the individual customers as well as the total group of the customers.
Thus, from the second purchase onwards, products that are very likely to be purchased can be suggested.

Customer loyalty at the highest level

The predictive basket with its machine learning algorithm enables an ever more comfortable shopping experience. The feature reminds customers of possibly forgotten purchases, which should actually be on the shopping list again according to the customers buying rhythm. The customer feels understood and treated as an individual by the personalized suggestions from the online shop - a completely new level of trust..

Great usability thanks to drag and drop

The individually suggested products can easily be dragged from the list into the shopping cart. In addition to the suggestion list, customers will also find a window with all products ordered so far. This enables extremely fast shopping - even with long shopping lists.

Use Cases:

eFood sector and online pharmacies
Especially restaurants and commercial kitchens profit from the predictive basket, however, also weekly purchases of a family in the online supermarket can be predetermined. Online pharmacies benefit from the customers' clear buying rhythm and the reminder function.

Global B2B trade

On average, 38% of B2B eCommerce sales are generated by regular customers. Remind your customers of potentially dwindling stocks and save them the tedious task of calling up each individual C-part in the shop.

Wherever there are repeat buyers
Recurring buyers are important for any online store. Acquire more regular customers by integrating Artificial Intelligence into your shop. Of course, your customers are always free to choose if they want to use the Predictive Basket.

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