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Customer Journey Module

Optimized site navigation and dynamic product filters for your e-commerce business

Help your customers find what they really want.

No matter how wide your product range, FACT-Finder's Customer Journey module makes sure customers are never more than a few clicks away from what they are looking for - leading to happier shoppers and higher revenue.


Automatically generated category pages

FACT-Finder saves you time by automatically creating useful product categories in the navigation menu and grouping newly listed products to their most relevant position. With just a few clicks in our easy-to-use back-end, you can adjust the category pages to your specific business requirements.

Tracks clicks and improves other modules

The Customer Journey module tracks clicks that occur during navigation and provides that valuable data to all other FACT-Finder tools powered with Machine Learning. The more input it receives, the more it improves.

Why it matters:

Less maintenance:
Navigation updates independently

opportunities for merchandising

Tracking data
improves other
FACT-Finder modules automatically

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After a quick and easy integration of FACT-Finder, Medpex increased its turnover by about 22%. Thanks to the suggest function and dynamic filters, our customers can find the right product in the shortest time possible – even with a range of over 100,000 products.

Christiane Bülow-Bichler, CEO
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Dynamic Filters

Filters that fit

The relevance of certain filters, such as monitor size or color, differs from product to product. Depending on the query, availability and product category, FACT-Finder displays only the most appropriate filter for every customer's search.

graphical user interface

Fully customizable

Your brand, your style. Customize your filters accordingly, whether that be with text, brand logos, color tiles, or price ranges with an interactive slider. Control it all via FACT-Finder's easy-to-use back-end.

Why it matters:

Increase conversion
by simplifying product selection

Retain full control
over structure and presentation

Customers quickly find
products that match their specifications

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