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Data Feed Optimisation

Structure your data for better search results


Keep data clean and accurate

Optimise your product data stream and ensure that clearly structured data drives every search result, filter and category. With FACT-Finder, better product data equals better results.

Speed up searches

Help customers find what they need fast. Highly relevant filters automatically extract underlying attributes from titles, product descriptions and other text information to speed up searches.


Tag products for higher search accuracy

Make it even easier for customers to find the right product. Use rule-based tagging to make it simple for them to find and buy exactly what they're looking for.


Easily group items for cross-selling

Maximise the potential of your seasonal campaigns and product promotions. Easily group items into virtual categories and increase cross-selling.

graphical user interface, website
graphical user interface, application

Provide a consistent shopping experience

Normalisation of data formats and metrics automatically improves filter and navigation performance, making it easier for customers to compare products.

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