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Merchandising Module

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with high-converting landing pages and interactive advisory campaigns

Implementing marketing campaigns has never been easier.

With FACT-Finder, you can set up a wide range of campaigns within minutes - all without any programming knowledge. Quickly promote your products based on the season, current events, business objectives and more.

Landing Pages

Quickly and easily promote products

Marketing teams can easily create brand pages, seasonal themed worlds or special placements for promotional products. Campaigns can be scheduled down to the minute with banners, videos, or text in the search results, category pages and landing pages.

Landing pages that convert

Create a great first impression with compelling and relevant landing pages. FACT-Finder can help you increase the success of your SEA campaigns by automatically displaying products and banners in the online shop based on keywords.

Why it matters:

sales and customer satisfaction

React quickly
to seasonal trends or customer interests

Faster ROI
for AdWords campaigns

Guided Selling

Guide customers with your expert knowledge

Simplify customers' decision-making through targeted questions, similar to a trained sales associate in-store. Questions are completely customizable, and can be used to ask customers for their personal preferences regarding size, color, functionality - or anything else you can imagine. 

Build customer trust and loyalty

Customers value advice and guidance, especially when they are looking for high-ticket items or products with a lot of features. FACT-Finder Guided Selling campaigns provide your customers with the assurances they need to make the right choice – no matter how wide the selection.

Why it matters:

return rate

Retain full control
over design and structure

Create filters
that are not contained in your product data

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