Sell more with personalisation, campaigns and recommendations


Theme and brand focused campaigns

Increase cross and upselling with FACT-Finder Campaign Manager. Effortlessly develop categories for seasons and brand campaigns.

You can put brand or seasonal content in the focus of your shop merchandising

Attractive landing pages convert visitors into buyers

High-conversion landing pages

Create a great first impression. Convert casual browsers into active buyers by creating compelling landing pages.

Guided selling

Customers value advice when they are buying, particularly with premium items or products with a wide range of features. Increase your conversion rates with content-rich campaigns that guide customers to what they really want.

Flexible product promotion

Don’t just promote your biggest sellers. FACT-Finder's customisable ranking rules enable you to highlight products based on availability and profit margin.

Increase sales with pushed products to show customers what they should buy
Offer alternatives or matching pieces as recommendations based on frequently occurring relations

Recommendations that boost additional sales

Use our recommendation engine to analyse frequently occurring relationships between products – then offer matching accessories and alternative offers at lightning speed.

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When a particular keyword is trending, we can quickly create new campaigns based on that. FACT-Finder’s solution has achieved exactly what we wanted – to keep us in our customers’ minds and drive sales all year round.

Christian Omander, CoolStuff AB
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