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Conversion Optimization

for Online Shops

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Definition and Background

The optimization of the conversion rate involves the adaptation of all relevant features of the online offer. For the online shop, this simply means that a larger proportion of visitors to the website will also be induced to buy.

What a conversion is is determined by the operator of the website. In online shops, conversion is often defined as a purchase, but depending on the business model, conversion can also be an info download or the completion of a contact form.
graphical user interface, application

The conversion rate describes the relation between the number of visitors to a website and the number of conversions. It is one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in online marketing. It is important that the individual user is chosen as the denominator for the calculation, otherwise there is a danger that so-called trash traffic will falsify the result.

Why optimize the conversion rate?

That's clear, isn't it? More Conversion = More Turnover

But the question arises whether it is not easier to bring more visitors to the website and consequently generate more sales with a constant conversion rate. This works mathematically, but an increase in traffic is often associated with large additional costs.
In addition, many advertisements on different channels, for example, bring more, but also more bad traffic to the website. Consequently, users are often drawn to the site who do not belong to the relevant target group and who do not convert to customers.
A high conversion rate also goes hand in hand with strong customer loyalty. This is due to the good usability and user experience, which are often characteristics of a high conversion rate. Since one wants to meet the user requirements also in the long run, it is necessary to improve these factors.

Conversion Optimization with FACT-Finder

FACT-Finder offers a host of tools that can be quickly integrated to optimize the conversion rate. All features are aimed at optimizing usability and customer experience. Here it is important that all tools work together harmoniously and that users are able to operate the shop as intuitively as possible. We use artificial intelligence and learning algorithms to suggest purchases to customers, to highlight personalized products and to enable optimal navigation and search in the online shop. You always keep control, can perform A/B testings, use every click for analysis and sell more high-margin products in a targeted manner. Of course, there are possibilities not to integrate all features in your shop. In addition to the necessary core, you can use exactly the tools that are most effective for you and save costs.

Our consultants will be happy to help you in advance with the analysis of the online shop and its weak points. You can then prioritize your goals and put together your own software package. After integration, we are always available to help you further optimize your conversion rate. Since user requirements are constantly changing, the online shop is never final.

Quick overview

Onsite Search

The core of the FACT-Finder modules, the search function in the online shop. Over 80% of all online purchases start with an entry in the search bar. This is where FACT-Finder works fault-tolerantly. However, if customers mistype, you will still find the right product. A learning suggest-function provides ideal suggestions for the search. Our search automatically displays the products that are most likely to be purchased when you enter the specific search term. Unless you manually specify that a product should appear higher in the ranking, e.g. because it has a higher margin.

Faceted Navigation

Often the customer still adapts his search by filters. Price, size, colour or season - FACT-Finders learning filter navigation always plays out the filters the customer needs. The function learns from the user behaviour and takes into account the availability and product group of the article. In addition, Faceted Navigation automatically creates meaningful product categories.


Personalization runs through all tools. Each customer has individual ideas about their product search. FACT-Finder shows customers exactly what they are looking for. Tagging allows us to show each customer products according to their taste. Once a customer has searched for football boots and then clicked on Adidas brand items only, they will also see items from the same brand when searching for sports pants.

Recommendation Engine

Many products are compatible with other products. For example a mobile phone cover for a mobile phone. Our intelligent product suggestion tool uses tracking of all customers to suggest further suitable articles on the product detail pages. Individual behavior is also analyzed. In this way, FACT-Finder can always recommend the right products - or alternatives with higher margins. Cross-selling and up-selling at the highest level.

Guided Selling

Customers often don't know exactly what they want or don't know enough about the product categories. Our product consultant works like an employee in a shop. In just a few minutes you can create consultant campaigns with various questions and explanations and customers can communicate interactively with the online shop. This ensures good customer loyalty and creates trust.

Predictive Basket

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the online shop. The Predictive Basket suggests the entire shopping list to returning customers. The tool uses data on individual and general user behavior. Depending upon purchase rhythm and time interval a suggestion list is provided, from which the customer can put article into its shopping cart by simply using drag-and-drop.

Data Feed Optimisation

In order for all our tools to work optimally, you need as much clean data as possible. With the FACT-Finder Product Master, you can ensure an eCommerce-optimized product data stream all the time and largely automatically. This makes tagging easier and provides you with more accurate data for analysis, which helps you to make the right decisions.

FACT-Finder optimizes the conversion rate of: