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The Digital Advantage:
Next Level Experiences in Home & Garden

Live Webinar: 11th October 2022 at 10am BST / 11am CEST

In this webinar we will explore:

  • best practice examples of offline and online experiences in home & garden
  • how AI and analytics can help identify and adapt to seasonal demand trends
  • how to use real-time data to anticipate customer needs and provide a unique experience for every customer

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Unlocking the Digital Advantage

Pure play home & garden eCommerce businesses used to have a leg up on the online customer experience. In recent years, however, brick and mortar stores have caught up by integrating their online and offline channels, levelling the playing field. 

Yet this rapid transformation was reactive, not proactive. Many DIY online stores are not making use of recent advances in technology and are only scratching at the surface of what is possible. What if digital experiences could not only match physical, but overtake them? 

Join us and guest speaker Steve Collinge, Managing Director of Insight Retail Group and Executive Editor of Insight DIY, to learn how to unlock the digital advantage in your online store.

Join leading home & garden retailers

who use FACT-Finder to maximize their online sales

Meet the speakers

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Steve Collinge

Managing Director of Insight Retail Group & Executive Editor of Insight DIY

Steve has completed 30 years in the Home & Garden industry and is today both an international speaker, thought leader and independent consultant in the retail industry working with a wide range of high-profile clients including market leading retailers, brands and marketplaces.

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Jeremy Josselin

Senior Account Executive at FACT-Finder

Jeremy is driven by innovation and growth. With over 10 years of international experience at fast growing SaaS companies, he is fascinated by technology and the way it changes the way we do business.

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