Up to 98% faster integration

With the new FACT-Finder Web Components

Integrating FACT-Finder has never been easier

As of now, FACT-Finder can be integrated into your online shop as easy as a YouTube video or a Google map – by means of prefabricated HTML elements, so called Web Components. This enables you to gain the ROI of FACT-Finder even faster.

Web Components Integration GIF
Saving time with Web Components

Front-end changes in a flash

Whether you’re including new store features, customising existing ones or setting up A / B tests: all can now be done in record speed. It has never been so easy to quickly respond to new demands and trends.

Updates as easy as it gets

Updates – made simple

Whenever there’s an update for a newer version of FACT-Finder, you can get it up and running with minimal adjustments. And when it comes to updating your shop system, Web Components ensure all FACT-Finder functions remain fully operational.

Web Components is compatible with all major browsers

Compatible with all major browsers

Web Components display the FACT-Finder functions directly in the browser and can be arranged according to the look and feel of your online shop. In addition, they are functional regardless of the shop system and web technologies that you are using.