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FACT-Finder Core+

Your launchpad to peak eCommerce success


Incredible sales power in one intelligent solution. Search, navigation, merchandising, and analytics work together to make sure customers are never more than a click away from what they are looking for. Happier shoppers and higher revenue powered by the speed, scale, and flexibility of Next Generation. Learn more.


Next Level Modules

Elevate your conversion, enhance their experience


Exceed expectations with highly responsive, 1-to-1, real-time experiences as unique as the customer. Learn more.


Maximize upselling and cross-selling with tailored, automated, context-based product recommendations. Learn more.


Bridge the gap between online and physical, connect shoppers to nearby products, and unlock your local power. Learn more.


Predict customer needs, increase AOV, accelerate the purchase process, and strengthen loyalty with ML. Learn more.


Display dynamic, custom pricing and discounts to deliver the right price at the right time for every customer. Learn more.