Understanding the interests and preferences of each customer.

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Higher result relevance in your shop with the personalisation module

Tailor-made search results for each customer

The new personalisation module tracks clicking and buying behaviour of shop visitors. FACT-Finder serves up products and categories that are custom-tailored to each user. And all that without storing customer data.

Proven uplifts in conversion and sales measured the effect of the FACT-Finder personalisation module by performing a 30 day-long A/B test. In this short period, they increased their conversion by 15% and revenue by 25%.

Results after a 30-day-long A/B-Test
Personalisation: quickly ready for use

You can start immediately with personalisation

Beginning with FACT-Finder 6.11, no complex integration is required to use personalisation. Once the module has been activated, the engine starts to record all of the customer’s product interactions and preferences.

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