Data feed optimisation

For better product discovery in all sales channels.

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Better product data equals better results

Consistent, clearly structured product data is the basis for every search result, filter and category.
With FACT-Finder you ensure a highly optimised and automated product data stream at all times.

transform product details in relevant filters to fasten search in your shop

Use the full potential of
the product data

Highly relevant filters speed up the search in the store. FACT-Finder automatically extracts underlying attributes from titles, product descriptions and other text information.

Tagging for higher accuracy of onsite search

Additional descriptions make shop items easier to find and to categorise. FACT-Finder enables rule-based appropriate tagging of products.

increase search accuracy by implementing tags
Crosssell successfully with virtual categories

Successful cross-selling with virtual categories

With FACT-Finder, store items can be easily grouped into categories. This facilitates seasonal or product-oriented marketing actions.

clear product comparisons with normalisation

Normalise data to provide consistent shopping experience

With a software-supported normalisation of formats and metrics, navigation and filters are improved and so it becomes easier to compare the products.

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