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83% of buyers want to do their business digitally – are you ready?


Digital is defining the present
and future of B2B

A Gartner survey reveals a telling trend: 83% of B2B buyers prefer digital channels for order placement. Looking ahead to 2025, the same survey forecasts that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be digital. Yet, a challenge persists – 61% of sellers report losing sales due to inadequate site search. That’s where FactFinder comes in.


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AI-powered search that truly understands buyer needs

Our AI-driven search engine revolutionizes the B2B eCommerce experience, where 88% of buyers deem search functionality crucial. It excels in comprehending both precise SKU numbers and complex search terms with equal finesse. This dual capability sets it apart, ensuring every search, whether it's a direct SKU match or a nuanced query, yields relevant and accurate results. It also makes large and complex B2B assortments easily searchable, delivering fast results every time.

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Tailor-made pricing and info for every client

Our platform brings the personalized dynamics of B2B selling online. It offers real-time adaptation of pricing and availability for distinct user segments or clients, seamlessly integrating this adaptability with advanced filters in search and navigation. This approach not only accommodates complex pricing and discounts but also ensures a streamlined and customized shopping experience for every B2B client.

Enabling seamless repeat purchases

Efficiency is key in B2B, where procurement overshadows emotional buying. Our Predictive Basket feature sharpens this efficiency by accurately forecasting clients' future needs based on their purchase history. This accelerates the purchasing process by 66% while increasing the size of the average shopping basket.

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Learn how leading retailers use FactFinder


  • Case Study
  • B2B
Mayflex: Digital transformation in B2B
Mayflex placed their trust in FactFinder to digitally transform their business and create a seamless experience across customer touchpoints - whether customers make first contact online or offline. Mayflex is continuously expanding operations, and FactFinder is there to support them every step of the way in providing the best online experience.
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  • Case Study
  • B2B
Cooksongold increases online shop conversion rates by 26%
Learn how the UK‘s largest one-stop shop for quality precious metals and jewelry-making supplies maximizes international online sales through optimized search and targeted product merchandising with FactFinder.
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  • Case Study
  • B2B
Berner’s 20% search spike with FactFinder
Berner Group’s previous open-source search solution was insufficient in meeting the demands for a fast and accurate search function, crucial for enhancing the digital purchase process and maintaining the brand’s strong image. Dive in and discover how FactFinder's solution remedied this issue and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What does FactFinder cost?

FactFinder is tailored to your individual goals - for more conversion, sales and customer satisfaction. Our pricing depends on the number of activated modules, monthly searches and required channels. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right solution package. For a price indication that is as accurate as possible, please fill out the form on our pricing page.

How can FactFinder be integrated into my online store?
FactFinder offers three flexible integration methods: API integration for full control with JSON data responses, WebComponents for easy UI integration with automatic result rendering, and connector integrations for streamlined data export and front-end implementation. Each method is designed to suit different needs, ensuring seamless integration with your platform. For additional guidance and to see which method best fits you, check out the integration page.
What else does FactFinder offer that can benefit my business?
FactFinder can enhance your eCommerce platform with AI-driven personalization, advanced site search, intuitive navigation, dynamic merchandising and more. Get in touch today and we’ll show you our platform in action.