Discover how a leading retailer overhauled their eCommerce search experience using FactFinder’s Next Generation platform, and critically, reclaimed two hours a week thanks to the powerful automation capabilities of our GPT Synonyms feature.

Frank Flechtwaren, a leading retailer of textiles, decorative goods and artisan wickerwork, has successfully married tradition with innovation for more than a century. In its digital growth journey, the company has embraced FactFinder Next Generation. Leveraging this AI-powered product discovery solution, with its innovative features like GPT Synonyms, has led to remarkable outcomes. Thomas Falkenhain, Online Marketing Manager at Flank Flechtwaren, is at the forefront of driving traffic and enhancing the shopping experience using FactFinder. He takes a personal stake in the project, saying, “From the integration to the current status, it was all my baby.” 

The impact: tangible and measurable outcomes 

Frank Flechtwaren saw significant improvements by adopting FactFinder’s intelligent search and GPT Synonyms feature. The boost in key performance indicators (KPIs) from GPT Synonyms came from about 35 search terms that were enhanced with synonyms. 

Results after go-live with Next Generation: 

Results after activation of GPT Synonyms: 

2% more sales per search: GPT Synonyms at Frank Flechtwaren 

To ensure an intuitive and relevant search experience, it’s essential to account for the variety of terms used to describe a single product. For instance, a search for “throw” should also display results for “blanket”. This approach caters to the diverse ways customers might describe an item. Thomas highlights the scope of this challenge: “There are thousands of synonyms for our products.” Using GPT Synonyms lets you effectively and seamlessly identifying these varied item names, thereby ensuring accurate search results that align with the unique descriptions customers may use.

About GPT Synonyms and Large Language Models

GPT Synonyms is a perfect showcase of integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into our product discovery tool. Picture this: someone searches for “bedspread” and instantly sees results for “duvet covers” and “quilts” as well. That’s the magic of GPT Synonyms. It taps into an LLM from OpenAI to automatically come up with fitting synonyms. 

Thomas comments on his eagerness to embrace this AI-driven technology, “We try to keep ourselves as up to date as possible, optimistic of the direction new technology takes us.” And as the results clearly show, theirs was the right step towards a much better eCommerce experience.

The old way of doing things

Before FactFinder, Frank Flechtwaren’s method for identifying effective synonyms was labor-intensive and challenging. Thomas explains: “One was to find the search terms or the words where we saw that they refer to new articles. In winter, it was ‘gnome’, which leads to a range of decorative Christmas products. To create relevant synonyms with the thesaurus in FactFinder, we had to do research with Google and spent a lot of brainpower thinking about what the customer could now enter for gnome, or what alternative words there are.”

He explains the challenge of this task, highlighting that it wasn’t easy to quickly come up with several synonyms for each term. Often, it involved looking at how competitors used similar words and drawing inspiration from them. This method was not only time-intensive but also required a great deal of mental effort.

The new, improved process that saves Thomas and his team 2 hours a week

Thanks to FactFinder’s GPT Synonyms, Thomas describes a significantly more streamlined and user-friendly approach. He explains, “I start by finding synonyms for a specific word using the GPT Synonyms tool. Once I get the results, I go through the first ten, selecting about half of them to see if they fit my needs. If they don’t, the tool offers another set of ten synonyms. This significantly reduces research time, although I still need to verify my findings independently. But the process is far less strenuous and much more pleasant.” The implementation of GPT Synonyms resulted not only in a 40% higher click rate and 2% more sales per search, but also gave Thomas more time to focus on long-tail keyword strategies, enhancing the overall efficiency of the brand’s product discovery process. 

GPT Synonyms offers a quick and user-friendly solution to generate relevant synonyms, streamlining search optimization and vastly improving product discovery.

Fast implementation and feature roadmap

The integration of FactFinder’s GPT Synonyms was a model of efficiency. Thomas recounts the experience with enthusiasm: “It felt like it only took one click. It really was that straightforward. We got started, navigated through some organizational steps, and then we were all set. It was around 8:00 when it was activated, and by 8:05, it was fully operational.”  

Thomas is thrilled at the prospect of seeing the feature evolve and can’t wait for the next update, which is currently being developed at full throttle. In the near future, FactFinder’s AI will have the ability to automatically suggest synonyms for poorly performing search terms identified in our analytics feature. “This is going to be a huge time-saver for me,” Thomas states.

Facing product discovery woes of your own?

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