Discover a host of integration methods and find the one that perfectly matches the infrastructural needs of your online store.

Integration Types

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Our default integration method



Our pre-built set of UI components

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Our provision of a data export



API integration is our default integration option

You provide us with your data export, and the shop platform makes an API request to FactFinder to display the right results in your online shop.

With this integration method, we give you full control without any limitations: The data response is in JSON format and contains all you need to build the result page. Product titles, images, prices, links, filters, sorting options, paging etc. The request and rendering of the results can be made by the server or by the browser.

Reduce your development effort by using our Swagger Code Generator:


NG Documentation -
NG API Documentation -
Infinity Documentation -



WebComponents is a pre-built set of UI components

You are are able to insert these UI components directly into your online shop templates, as well as all communication with FactFinder. Meanwhile, rendering of the results is handled automatically and simultaneously.

With this integration type, all data exchange and rendering of search results is managed out of the box: Digital retailers get access to a JavaScript library that can be integrated into their site. You then add the components as required into your template.
For example, if you need a search box with a suggestion feature, you would add FactFinder Search Box and FactFinder Suggest elements into your template.
When you interact with the search box, WebComponents will automatically make the request to NG and render the suggestions on the page for the user to see. The developer would need to make any adjustments as they see fit to the layout and styling of each component.



Integrations via connectors provide two functions:

Integrations provide a data export of the product data from the platform in a FactFinder-ready format. Additionally, integrations also bundle the WebComponents library to support with the front-end implementation of the FactFinder results. Both the export and the configuration of WebComponents can be managed from an admin panel in the platform provided by the SDK.

With this integration type, development time and resources can be drastically reduced: Especially for online shops with front-end integrations that do not include any special features - this method significantly decreases the efforts in comparison to API integrations. Also, there is no need to develop an export that would be compatible with FactFinder.

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