Faceted navigation

The easy way to the right product.

Filters and navigation - the easy way to the right product

Thanks to the dynamic navigation and flexible filters from FACT-Finder, visitors find easily their way around in any online store. Regardless of the product range size, the desired product is always just a few clicks away.

Customers find what they are looking for thanks to automatic categories

Out-of-the-box categories

FACT-Finder automatically generates categories and groups newly listed items. You can adjust the category pages to your needs with just a few clicks – e.g. which filters to display or how many products to offer.

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Most frequently used filters are placed more prominent

Self-optimising faceted navigation

The faceted navigation from FACT-Finder adapts dynamically to the visitors' behaviour. Frequently selected filters are moved up, which facilitates the search refinement.

Head of IT

In the past years, our experiences with FACT-Finder have been a kind of barometer of what can be done in ecommerce. And this experience has been very positive.

Josef Liebl, Conrad Electronic

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