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Error tolerant search provides the right results even when errors or typos occur

Error-tolerant onsite search

The online shop’s search function is its most powerful sales tool. The patented FACT(r) Algorithm delivers relevant results even when spelling errors and typos occur.

Suggest suitable products and direct customers the right way

Smart suggest feature

Trigger the right purchase impulses. By showing suitable suggestions, FACT-Finder directs online customers quickly to the right items. In the suggest box, you can also add social content like blog posts, videos or local store opening times.

Relevant search results are essential for small mobile screens

Boost mobile conversion

The smaller the screen, the more important the relevance of search results. FACT-Finder provides shop visitors exactly the usability they expect from modern mobile commerce.

New: Semantic Result Optimisation

Who searches for a screen, wants to buy a screen, not a product with a screen. The Semantic Enhancer from FACT-Finder recognises what your customers really want.

Semantic Result Optimisation actually understands what customers search
Location based results: Customers find what they search for near them.

Location-based results drive your offline sales

FACT-Finder enables you to show products and special offers that are available in your nearest local stores. Effect: physical stores benefit from the digital sales channel.

Use hidden sales potential in the long tail

Specific search queries are less likely than general ones, but they sell much more. FACT-Finder understands complex search queries and increases sales of high-margin niche products.

scale your business abroad with language-independent core technology from FACT-Finder

Immediate international upscale

Thanks to FACT-Finder's language-independent core technology, it is possible to set up any number of shops in various countries. Search, suggest and all other key features of the online shop are maintained in all languages.

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FACT-Finder provides relevant, good quality product results very fast at a competitive price.

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