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We have been working closely with market leaders for over 21 years, collaborating successfully with an emphasis on quality, trust and results. Together, we guarantee our mutual customers efficient and future-oriented project solutions that exceed their business objectives.

Why partner with FACT-Finder?

Leading AI technology:
Empower clients with the most advanced solution

Win mutual clients
and collaborate on exciting projects

Go-to-market together

via effective marketing collaborations

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Industry insights:

"Technology partnerships can help your business grow into the company of your dreams."

Technology Partnerships
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Key partnerships

These partners regularly refresh their knowledge of FACT-Finder through training courses, active collaborations and projects.

Platform partners

Looking to re-platform your eCommerce business, or keen to work together on a platform that you're already using? Here's a small selection of the partners we actively work with. For a more extensive overview, reach out to our partner manager.

Solution and agency partners

We work together with some of Europe's leading eCommerce solution providers and agencies to fuel next level experiences. Here's a small selection of the partners we actively work with. For a more extensive overview, reach out to our partner manager.

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