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Predictive Basket

Maximise reordering with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Imagine all customers suddenly bought 2.3 more products each visit. How would that affect your revenue?

Turn imagination into reality with the Predictive Basket.

3x Faster Shopping

The Predictive Basket, an AI-powered solution by FACT-Finder, makes it possible to shop faster and more conveniently in an unprecedented way. It can accurately predict which products are most likely to be purchased again from a customer’s second visit. Before a customer runs out of certain products - and before they can buy them elsewhere - the Predictive Basket reminds them to reorder. Additional sales, pre-programmed.

Learn how it works

Watch this short video to see the Predictive Basket in action.

Stronger customer loyalty

Everything that a customer wants to order again can simply be added to the shopping cart through an intuitive drag-and-drop tool. All of this without having to search for anything, and eliminating the possibility of forgetting something important. Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, the solution adapts to individual customer behaviors by analyzing previous purchases and taking into account both their past purchase frequency and fluctuations by season, thereby delivering automatic and personalized suggestions. In addition, the neural network also includes the purchase patterns of all other customers to make well-rounded and relevant suggestions. 

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On average, users of our Predictive Basket add 2 more products to their shopping cart. More importantly than the increase in sales, however, is that all customers rated the experience very positively.

Maximilian Reiter, Head of Business Development
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Best practices

eFood sector and online pharmacies
Food retailers and consumers alike benefit from the predictive basket, which can learn from buying habits and set weekly or monthly reminders for frequently occurring purchases. In addition, online pharmacies can use it to get in sync with their customers' needs and buying patterns.

Global B2B trade market

On average, 38% of B2B e-commerce sales are generated by repeat customers. Encourage purchases by reminding them when they're potentially running low on supplies with predictive basket.

Anywhere with recurring purchases
Repeat buyers are important to any online shop, and AI can help make their lives easier with helpful reminders based on their buying patterns.

FACT-Finder gives companies in all industries an advantage:

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