Customer-Specific Info

Display dynamic, personalized pricing and discounts to deliver the right price at the right time for every customer. Make inventory and price changes in real time.

How it benefits you

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Save time and money

by avoiding costly callbacks

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Provide the transparency

your customers crave


Improved customer journey

by access to complex pricing in a simple way

Price and content adjusted to the buyer

Display individualized purchase-relevant information to the buyer directly in the search, navigation and filters. Easily implement complex pricing tiers, add special discounts to loyal customers, and even limit visibility of your product range for certain visitors.

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graphical user interface, application

Customized to your business requirements

Full flexibility for every use case. Need to display multiple prices per customer, for example to show prices with and without VAT? Easy. Want to show specific advertising texts only to certain customers? We've got you covered. You can even rank products in the search results based on customer-specific data. 

What makes us different?

Customer-specific information, such as individualized prices and availability, can be displayed directly in search, navigation and filters, personalizing the customer experience. With the ability to make inventory and price changes in real time, you can provide an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility in your online shop. Easily define which fields of your product data should be used for pricing, advertising texts and more - then simply complete the import in high speed.

Industry insights
Transparent information about cost on a B2B company's website is most important for business buyers.
How Businesses Purchase B2B Services and Software

Use cases

Use Case

B2B eCommerce

Personalized pricing is a market standard for B2B. It is especially helpful for businesses with large product ranges and complex pricing. Maintain transparency without tons of manual effort and update at any time - in real time. 

Use Case

Reward loyalty in any industry

Customer loyalty is invaluable and sought after by every business. Maximize this through strategic rewards, such as by applying special discounts once a customer reaches a certain order value. 

Use Case

Targeting specific personas

Easily display individualized advertising texts for each product and customer in addition to pricing. This allows you to target each of your key personas in a strategic, personalized way. 

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