Case Studies

REIFF transforms search from overwhelmed to streamlined
REIFF’S extensive catalog is a USP. Unfortunately, it was also a hurdle for their previous search. With clients valuing fast order processing, the company sought usability and performance. Today, search results load quickly, suggestions pop up instantly and intuitive experiences for their B2B buyers are guaranteed.
Product Discovery, Case Study, B2B, DACH
Transforming Gustav Ehlert's B2B experience with FactFinder search
Gustav Ehlert carries a complex B2B assortment of almost 20,000 products. To make the purchasing process as simple as possible, FactFinder's Product Discovery Platform was integrated. Find out all about the project and how Gustav Ehlert has managed to reduce the volume of support requests.
Case Study, B2B, DACH, Product Discovery, Food & beverage
FirstVet boosts AOV by 12% with FactFinder
FirstVet realized they had to pump up their average order value (AOV) and make shopping a quick and simple delight for customers who were struggling to find what they needed. Enter FactFinder's product discovery platform.
Case Study, B2C, Product Discovery, Navigation, Recommendations, Nordics
Bergfreunde and FactFinder have been a team for 12 years
The switch from the store system's standard search function to FactFinder's AI-driven solution marked a decisive step in the company's development. Find out how Guided Selling helps mountain sports fans to find exactly the right products for their next tour out of a large selection.
Case Study, B2C, Sporting goods, Product Discovery, Merchandising, DACH, UK
Conversation rate boosted by 12% with FactFinder's search engine
Having grown out of their own search engine due to their ever-expanding number of products, as well as the increased expectations on speed and product discovery, DeOnlineDrogist required a sophisticated solution capable of solving this multi-faceted challenge.
Case Study, B2C, Pharmacy, Nordics
Webhallen increases their value per search by 9.8% with FactFinder
In an era where eCommerce is rapidly advancing, Webhallen’s implementation of FactFinder had to meet with the current surge towards personalized shopping experiences and value-based consumer engagement. Get the full story within.
Case Study, B2C, Electronics, Product Discovery, Nordics
99% of all search queries lead to the correct result
Before FactFinder, BOS FOOD had its own search engine that was prone to a number of critical challenges when it came to typos and misspellings. With Next Generation, that all changed, and then some. Discover the transformative results within.
Case Study, B2C, Food & beverage, Product Discovery, DACH
Berner’s 20% search spike with FactFinder
Berner Group’s previous open-source search solution was insufficient in meeting the demands for a fast and accurate search function, crucial for enhancing the digital purchase process and maintaining the brand’s strong image. Dive in and discover how FactFinder's solution remedied this issue and more.
Case Study, B2B, Construction & machinery, Product Discovery, DACH
Retail giant Jula boosts conversion rate by 30% with FactFinder
Jula identified a pressing concern: their site’s search function. They recognized the need for a more intuitive and adaptive search engine that could navigate their vast catalog, multiple languages and varied consumer behaviors. This is how they solved it.
Case Study, B2C, Home & garden, Product Discovery, Nordics
Navigating digital evolution: Elkjøp Nordic’s journey with FactFinder
This European leader has placed its trust in FactFinder for over a decade to deliver powerful searches in its digital channels. The team discusses how the partnership began and how it's evolved, sharing actionable best practices.
Case Study, B2B, B2C, Electronics, Product Discovery, Navigation, Merchandising, Geo
New ways to success in a changing world
The PBS Holding Group is one of Europe’s leading office product distributors and resellers. Birgit Broeckel, Team Leader of E-Business International, tells Internet Retailing about the way PBS is moving into the future.
Case Study, B2B, Office supplies, Product Discovery, Merchandising, Personalization, Recommendations, DACH
A European company with an increasingly global reach
MEDION AG is a significant player in consumer electronics manufacturing. Sebastian Rahmel, Head of Online, explains to Internet Retailing that it is simply unthinkable to offer the customer anything other than the best service.
Case Study, B2C, Electronics, Product Discovery, Personalization, DACH, Nordics, UK
Office Depot boosts revenue by +12%
Office Depot eliminates site-search maintenance costs and boosts revenue by +12% with AI-powered search.
Case Study, B2B, B2C, Nordics
Switching to Next Generation brings +10% conversion increase for RE-IN
Is Next Generation worth it? Patricia Zwack from RE-IN has been working with FactFinder for almost 10 years and has a lot to say about it. Spoiler alert: She describes the move as "the right move – no comparison to the past."
Case Study, B2B, Electronics, Product Discovery, Navigation, Merchandising, DACH
FactFinder tech replaces in-house search at Flaschenpost
Flaschenpost SE, since 2016, rapidly grew as a leading beverage and food delivery service. Its online store,, handles over ten million orders annually, transitioning from in-house search to advanced systems.
Case Study, B2C, Food & beverage, Product Discovery, DACH
Next Generation drives sales in 13 online shops
In 2021, PBS migrated its online shops from FactFinder 6.8 to Next Generation, a decision that has already yielded positive results. For customers, there has been a significant improvement in bounce rate, especially on search results pages.
Case Study, B2B, B2C, Office supplies, Product Discovery, Navigation, Merchandising, Recommendations, Predictive Basket, DACH
Once ‘digitally desperate’ now receives 78% of orders online
Achim Schneider shares first-hand insights into Seefelder’s journey from print catalogs to digital success and how their B2B platform benefits from replacing Elasticsearch with Next Generation.
Case Study, B2B, Construction & machinery, Product Discovery, DACH
+10% conversion rate at Tischwelt by switching to Next Generation
Higher search conversion and +13% average shopping cart value without any configurations. It's no surprise that Ronja Christ says "switching was absolutely the right decision" for this kitchen and cooking goods retailer.
Case Study, B2C, Home & garden, Product Discovery, DACH
Conversion rates rise and bounce rates drop for DIY giant
Since going live with FactFinder, Globus Baumarkt sees +20% conversion via search and -50% bounce via guided selling campaigns. "We're surprised at how quickly the switch has been reflected in our sales figures."
Case Study, B2C, Home & garden, Product Discovery, Merchandising
Cooksongold increases online shop conversion rates by 26%
Learn how the UK‘s largest one-stop shop for quality precious metals and jewelry-making supplies retailer maximizes international online sales through targeted product merchandising with FactFinder.
Case Study, B2B, Fashion, Product Discovery, Merchandising, UK
A personal online supermarket for every customer
Swedish grocery chain Coop revolutionizes shopping with a focus on personalization and AI. Striving for a seamless online and in-store experience, Coop integrates advanced technologies for a unique, customer-centric approach.
Case Study, B2C, Food & beverage, Product Discovery, Personalization, Recommendations, DACH, Nordics
Order & Structure setup results in 12% revenue increase at XXL 
XXL is one of the largest online sports retailers in the Nordics. Discover how the company boosted revenue by utilizing Advanced Category Listings with FactFinder.
Case Study, B2C, Product Discovery, Navigation, Nordics, Sporting goods
AI-based site search increases search conversion rate for DENIOS
Using FactFinder technology, learn how DENIOS is able to meet the needs of every online customer and optimize the shopping experience using AI-based site search.
Case Study, B2B, Construction & machinery, Product Discovery, Merchandising, DACH, Nordics, UK
Klickparts: a revolution in spare parts procurement
Today, to find the right spare part, a single search query on the B2B platform is all it takes. This is an unprecedented online service that Klickparts offers using FactFinder’s AI-based search technology.
Case Study, B2B, Construction & machinery, Product Discovery, DACH
Mayflex: the intelligent B2B shop
To convince its customers of the added value of their online shop, Mayflex had to create an intuitive shopping experience. This and much more was achieved through the integration of FactFinder.
Case Study, B2B, Electronics, Product Discovery, Merchandising, Personalization, Recommendations, UK
Conns Cameras makes online shop easier to navigate with search
Conns Cameras needed a search that was capable of managing the specific language of the camera industry. Learn how the camera specialist makes their online shop easier to navigate with FactFinder.
Case Study, B2C, Electronics, Product Discovery, UK
94% of search queries are successfully answered at MEVACO
For MEVACO's eCommerce team, a high degree of automation is crucial for success. To increase the relevance of search results, the company relies on FactFinder’s search and navigation engine throughout its European shops.
Case Study, B2B, Construction & machinery, Product Discovery, DACH, Nordics, UK
Popken Fashion Group switches 12 online shops to FactFinder
The Popken Fashion Group sells the fashion range of its four own brands in hundreds of physical stores internationally and increasingly via the Internet. Learn how FactFinder has been providing the group’s 12 online shops with better search results and a drastic reduction in indexing time.
Case Study, B2C, Fashion, Product Discovery, DACH, Nordics, UK