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FactFinder is trusted by more than 2,000 online shops in B2B and B2C to deliver superior shopping experiences. Our flexible and headless compatible platform gives eCommerce teams both automation and control, underpinned by AI and human intelligence to deliver personalized results that shoppers love.

Product Discovery
Incredible sales power in one intelligent solution. Search, filters, ranking rules, and analytics work together to make sure customers are never more than a click away from what they are looking for.
Product Discovery
Exceed all expectations with highly dynamic, real-time content that's tailored to each customer. Harness the power of AI-powered 1:1 personalization to delight online shoppers and drive sales.
Maximize upselling and cross-selling with personalized and automatic 1:1 product recommendations. The AI analyzes clicks, shopping carts, past purchases, and data on combined sales to generate specific recommendations that adjust in real time to each individual customer.
Bridge the gap between online and physical, connect shoppers to nearby products and unlock your local power. The Geo module transforms your multichannel business into a seamless omnichannel experience.
Customer-Specific Pricing
Display dynamic, personalized pricing and discounts to deliver the right price at the right time for every customer. Make inventory and price changes in real time.
Customer-Specific Pricing
Predictive Basket
Anticipate customer needs and increase your AOV - automatically. This AI-powered solution accurately predicts which products are most likely to be purchased again in any given session after a customer's second visit.
Predictive Basket

What makes us


We believe every individual deserves authentic, hyperpersonal experiences. For shoppers, it’s the joy of finding the thing they love and need fast and personalized. For B2C and B2B sellers, it’s harmonizing human and artificial intelligence to gain greater results with less work.

About Us

Case studies
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Once ‘digitally desperate’ now receives 78% of orders online
The functions that [FactFinder] offers are simply the problem solvers we were in need of. We are now at a level no other business our size could be.
Achim Schneider
Head of Digitalization
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Cooksongold increases online shop conversion rate by 26%
FactFinder is a really powerful tool for us as a small team. 80% of the work is done immediately after installation. This leaves us to focus internally on campaigns based on our unique knowledge of our products and customers.
Jonathan Broadhurst
eCommerce Executive
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Elkjøp Nordic uses search to stay relevant in consumer electronics
The ability to support APIs for live, real-time updates is also a great addition. The installation of Next Generation was very fast and exceeded our business requirements for search and merchandising capabilities.
Egil Grønn
System Manager for eCommerce
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How B2B industry leader Berner Group increases sales with FactFinder
In our online shops, the vast majority of sessions start with a search. Before we started working with FactFinder, shop visitors often found irrelevant products or no products at all. This was not only unfavorable for our conversion rate, but also for our image.
Katja Sallie
eCommerce Product Owner

Award-winning product discovery


Best Site Search Solution 3 consecutive years

“Powerful platform to streamline online search and power sales.”

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Best eCommerce Search Software

“Dedicated team of experts and industry-acquired experience.”

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Rated 4.5/5 stars as Enterprise Search Software

“Efficiency and professionalism in every aspect.”

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