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With the online grocery market in Europe growing by approximately 55% in 2022 and expected to maintain a growth rate of around 13.9% annually until 2032, the potential is immense. Despite this surge, digital sales still represent a modest 6.9% of total grocery sales in Europe. This gap signifies a huge opportunity. Join us in shaping a future where grocery brands can deliver unparalleled digital experiences.


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Greater convenience and loyalty

Revolutionize grocery shopping with our AI-powered Predictive Basket. It's more than convenient—it's intuitive. By uniquely understanding consumption data and buying frequency of items like milk and eggs, our system intuitively suggests a list of products the customer is likely to repurchase. It's a seamless, personalized journey that can cut shopping times by 66% and keeps users coming back for more. Hone in with the Predictive Basket.

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Truly personalized experiences

FactFinder streamlines grocery shopping with personalization and intelligent recommendations. Our personalization feature tailors search results to each customer’s unique preferences, like specific vegan diets or eco-friendly brands, ensuring every product displayed resonates with their lifestyle choices. Our recommendations module suggests complementary products like the ideal mixer for your chosen spirit, directly on the product page. Explore AI-powered personalization and recommendations.

Enable click-and-collect for local shops with Geo

Prevent the frustration of finding items out of stock. Geo links your online platform to local store inventories, transparently displaying stock levels. Customers can quickly reserve needed items at their preferred store, combining the ease of online shopping with the assurance of local availability. From fresh produce to everyday essentials, directly through your platform. Discover the power of Geo.


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  • Case Study
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FactFinder Tech Replaces In-House Search at Flaschenpost
Flaschenpost SE, since 2016, rapidly grew as a leading beverage and food delivery service. Its online store,, handles over ten million orders annually, transitioning from in-house search to advanced systems.
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  • Case Study
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A personal online supermarket for every customer
Swedish grocery chain Coop is revolutionizing shopping with a focus on personalization and AI. Striving for a seamless online and in-store experience, Coop integrates advanced technologies for a unique, customer-centric approach.
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  • Video
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Boosted eCommerce sales thanks to artificial intelligence
Maximilian Reiter, Kastner's Head of Business Development, explores the impact of FactFinder's Predictive Basket in eCommerce. He highlights how AI-driven tools can significantly enhance online sales and customer engagement.

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Frequently asked questions

What does FactFinder cost?
FactFinder is tailored to your individual goals - for more conversion, sales and customer satisfaction. Our pricing depends on the number of activated modules, monthly searches and required channels. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right solution package. For a price indication that is as accurate as possible, please fill out the form on our pricing page.
How can FactFinder be integrated into my online store?
FactFinder offers three flexible integration methods: API integration for full control with JSON data responses, WebComponents for easy UI integration with automatic result rendering, and connector integrations for streamlined data export and front-end implementation. Each method is designed to suit different needs, ensuring seamless integration with your platform. For additional guidance and to see which method best fits you, check out the integration page.
What results have other grocery brands seen after integrating FactFinder?
With FactFinder, other grocers have reported significant improvements, including a notable increase in average order size – with customers adding about 2.3 more products per basket. Additionally, they've experienced enhanced shopping efficiency and customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Hear more directly from our customer, Kastner.
How does the Predictive Basket feature enhance the shopping experience for eFood customers?
The Predictive Basket feature in FactFinder uses AI to analyze customers' past purchase behaviors and predict what they're likely to buy next, offering tailored suggestions for a quicker and more personalized shopping experience. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and larger basket sizes. Learn more about Predictive Basket.
Can the Predictive Basket adapt to changes in eFood customer preferences?
Yes, FactFinder's Predictive Basket dynamically adapts to changes in customer buying habits, ensuring that the product suggestions remain relevant and personalized over time.
What else does FactFinder offer that can benefit my business?
Beyond Predictive Basket and Geo, FactFinder enhances your eCommerce platform with AI-driven personalization, advanced site search, intuitive navigation, dynamic merchandising and actionable analytics. You can learn more in our brochures or get in touch and we’ll walk you through our offerings.