Every day, we help millions of online shoppers experience product discovery quickly, reliably and intuitively. eCommerce companies working with FactFinder benefit from the latest developments in AI and create unprecedented digital shopping experiences.

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FactFinder is the leading solution for search, merchandising and personalization in online stores. We stand for consistent customer focus and patented AI algorithms that increase store sales by 20-33%. Our intelligent product discovery platform is now used in 52 languages and 127 countries. FactFinder was named Best Site Search Solution by FinancesOnline and Tech Times.

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Transforming B2C moments into next-level experiences

FactFinder helps B2C trailblazers

redefine eCommerce.

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The best of B2C eCommerce for your B2B shop

Our solution is trusted by leading

retailers and marketplaces.

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Emotions and eCommerce are no longer contradictory. When search, navigation, and merchandising are powered with personalized data, shopping experiences go from ordinary to extraordinary, bringing online shops maximum profit. That is why hundreds of successful B2C retailers rely on FactFinder.

Case studies
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Next Generation uplifts conversion by +10%
Our conversion rate increased by almost 10%, and as a result, we were able to increase our revenue. We are especially happy about the higher customer satisfaction since the go-live. Our customers immediately noticed that we optimized something about the search.
Patricia Zwack
Onsite Search Expert
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+10% higher conversion by switching to Next Generation
Our search conversion rate increased by 10% and our average shopping cart value increased by 13%. In fact, we hadn’t optimized anything in the search configuration at the time of the A/B test.
Fabian Futterer
Technical Shop Manager


Today's business buyers are digital natives who prefer to order online and expect the same user experience they know from private online shopping. FactFinder enables B2B merchants to deliver fast and intuitive product discovery. Due to the high degree of automation, even small eCommerce teams can achieve great results in a short time, across several countries all at once.

Case studies
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How B2B industry leader Berner Group increases sales with FactFinder
In our online shops, the vast majority of sessions start with a search. Before we started working with FactFinder, shop visitors often found irrelevant products or no products at all. This was not only unfavorable for our conversion rate, but also for our image.
Katja Sallie
eCommerce Product Owner
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Once ‘digitally desperate’ now receives 78% of orders online
The functions that [FactFinder] offers are simply the problem solvers we were in need of. We are now at a level no other business our size could be.
Achim Schneider
Head of Digitalization
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Cooksongold increases online shop conversion rates by 26%
FactFinder is a really powerful tool for us as a small team. 80% of the work is done immediately after installation. This leaves us to focus internally on campaigns based on our unique knowledge of our products and customers.
Jonathan Broadhurst
eCommerce Executive
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Elkjøp Nordic uses search to stay relevant in consumer electronics
The ability to support APIs for live, real-time updates is also a great addition. The installation of Next Generation was very fast and exceeded our business requirements for search and merchandising capabilities.
Egil Grønn
System Manager for eCommerce

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