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Go for gold and outshine the competition

In the growing sporting goods eCommerce space, standing out is crucial. To surpass competitors, online retailers must offer unparalleled shopping experiences. FactFinder equips you with the necessary tools to bring your unique strategy to life and distinguish your store in the competitive sports market.


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Personalized shopping with cutting-edge AI

FactFinder's AI-driven Product Discovery keenly understands preferences for elements such as brands and colors. Based on current buying intent, it personalizes the search result in real time, so if a customer has been eyeing Adidas gear and needs socks , it smartly presents Adidas socks. It understands general shifts in buying behavior and makes sure only the most relevant products are displayed, like bike helmets in the summer and ski helmets when the snow falls. This is your winning game plan to keep customers geared up and ready to play.
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Guided selling with pinpoint accuracy

Athletes do their homework when buying the right gear for the big game or next adventure. FactFinder's guided selling approach emulates an in-store expert, steering your shoppers to the perfect products for their specific needs. This virtual consultation reduces bounce rates and boosts conversions, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

The right products at the right moment

When a customer selects a new tennis racket, they might need new balls too. FactFinder's recommendation engine – powered by AI – intuitively suggests the right products at key moments in the customer journey, whether on the homepage, product detail page or checkout. This targeted approach leads to increased spending per customer, enhancing both their shopping experience and your sales.
Discover the power of recommendations.


Learn how leading retailers use FactFinder

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  • B2C
Popken Fashion Group switches 12 online shops to FactFinder
The Popken Fashion Group sells the fashion range of its four own brands in hundreds of physical stores internationally and increasingly via the Internet. Learn how FactFinder has been providing the group’s 12 online shops with better search results and a drastic reduction in indexing time.
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  • Case Study
  • B2B
Order & Structure setup results in 12% revenue increase at XXL
XXL is one of the largest online sports retailers in the Nordics. Discover how the company boosted revenue by utilizing Advanced Category Listings with FactFinder.
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  • Case Study
  • B2C
Conversion rates rise and bounce rates drop for DIY giant
conversion via search and -50% bounce via guided selling campaigns. "We're surprised at how quickly the switch has been reflected in our sales figures."

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Frequently asked questions

What does FactFinder cost?

FactFinder is tailored to your individual goals - for more conversion, sales and customer satisfaction. Our pricing depends on the number of activated modules, monthly searches and required channels. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right solution package. For a price indication that is as accurate as possible, please fill out the form on our pricing page.

How can FactFinder be integrated into my online store?
FactFinder offers three flexible integration methods: API integration for full control with JSON data responses, WebComponents for easy UI integration with automatic result rendering, and connector integrations for streamlined data export and front-end implementation. Each method is designed to suit different needs, ensuring seamless integration with your platform. For additional guidance and to see which method best fits you, check out the integration page.
What else does FactFinder offer that can benefit my business?
FactFinder can enhance your eCommerce platform with AI-driven personalization, advanced site search, intuitive navigation, dynamic merchandising and more. Get in touch today and we’ll show you our platform in action.