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Exceed all expectations with highly dynamic, real-time content that's tailored to each customer. Harness the power of AI-powered 1:1 personalization to delight online shoppers and drive sales.

How it benefits you:

Higher relevance
and better click position
across the entire store

Faster ROI
via higher conversion and customer loyalty

Cost saving

since no third-party solution is needed

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Industry insights:

"Personalization is gold. Retailers and brands should prioritize search results based on what the company knows about the consumer from their historical interactions and/or their determined intent."

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Drive Shopper Relevance With AI-Driven Digital Commerce Search
Forrester Research, Inc., June 2nd 2022
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The right product for the right customer

We're all unique and want to be treated that way. While brick-and-mortar stores invest millions in the "one" perfect store layout, eCommerce lets you create the perfect shopping experience per customer based on individual preferences. All without target group segmentation or manual effort, and fully GDPR compliant.

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Real-time personalization, already within the first session

Whether a store visitor is new or returning, what matters is the purchase intention in the current session. Our personalization enables your store to immediately adapt to individual click and search behavior. This way, you automatically show the most relevant products, increasing both the average click position and conversion rate.

Wisdom of the crowd: interpreting search queries like a human

A search for "water" doesn't mean watermelon, and when looking for "PS4," you don't mean a PS4 game. People understand this intuitively but can your online shop do the same? With machine learning, you can ensure the context of each query is interpreted correctly. Where other solutions require countless interactions, ours only needs an absolute minimum of learning data to understand your customers.

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Finetune your product sorting via a user-friendly backend

The automation of AI can be easily combined with your business requirements. For example, you can set a rule to downrank products not available for delivery or place products from the latest merchandising campaigns at the top of the results. We give you unlimited options to align our AI with your sales goals.

What makes us different?

The FACT-Finder algorithm delivers faster personalization while requiring less learning data. The AI delivers true 1:1 personalization based solely on unique customer preferences and real-time purchase intent. There's no need to provide cookies, segmentation, collaborative filtering or demographic data. Our unique machine-learning process also improves the overall relevance of your store.

Don't take our word for it

33% better Average Click Position, also in long-tail

“[FACT-Finder] consistently bases its result sorting on the behavior of the online shopper. We don’t need to provide any rules for the algorithm. This concept had already convinced us in the first demo. The four-week test phase has now proven to all involved that Blixt delivers what it promises in live operation.” - René Rüdell, eCommerce Manager at Bergspezl

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graphical user interface, website
graphical user interface, website

Coop offers a personal online supermarket for every customer

Customer interaction rates with the app increased by six percent after only a short time, “even though the search engine algorithm training hadn’t even been completed at the time.” - Marianne Stjernvall, Head of Customer Growth & Personalization at Coop

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9.8% increase in value per search through personalization

"[We] always strive to improve the customer experience and with [FACT-Finder] as a partner for search we can create an even better user experience online resulting in an increase in revenue, but most importantly resulting in higher relevance leading to more satisfied customers.” - Fredrik Lindblad, CMO and Head of Online at Webhallen

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Use cases

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Fashion and accessories
Perfectly tailored results are a great added value for online shoppers in the fashion industry, especially for generic search queries such as "sneakers". Here, attributes such as gender, size and color are the main deciding factors.

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Online grocery
In online supermarkets, customers repeatedly buy the same brands within a price range, and some have to accommodate intolerances. With personalization, you can significantly speed up grocery shopping.

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B2B procurement
Different buyers need different product variants. For example, a buyer from a logistics company who enters the search term "carton" is in need of different products than a restaurateur.

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