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Personalization Module

Customized results and recommendations, built to optimize the customer experience and maximize up-selling, cross-selling

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Proven uplift in conversions and sales

In a 30 day A/B split test, experienced a 15% increase in conversion and 25% in revenue using FACT-Finder's Personalization module.

Results after a 30-day-long A/B-Test show increase in conversion and sales with FACT-Finder's Personalization Module.

Customized Results

The Personalization Module doesn't require any extra integration - it runs straight out-of-the-box with FACT-Finder

Switch customization on instantly

Personalization runs straight out-of-the-box with FACT-Finder; there's no extra integration and no additional code. Turn it on and start seeing personalized experiences unfold.

Tailor-made search results

Thanks to AI, the module determines the unique preferences of your individual customers, such as preferred brands, colors, prices or categories. The most relevant products are then promoted to the top of the results page, resulting in higher conversion and a more intuitive shopping experience.

Why it matters:

Fast ROI
Quickly increase sales by up to 25%

More intuitive
shopping experience

Reduced costs
compared to a third-party personalization solution

Vorher Nachher

Recommendation Engine

Amazon and Netflix share a recipe for success:

How FACT-Finder recommends what customers love

Personalized, automated, context-based: the FACT-Finder Recommendation Engine quickly learns what makes your customers tick. The AI-powered software analyzes clicks, shopping carts and purchases as well as historical data on combined sales to generate recommendation logic, which it adjusts in real time to each individual customer.

Boost revenue

Our recommendation engine detects frequent links between products and automatically displays the most relevant purchase recommendations, increasing your average order value.

Intelligent recommendations match all items in the cart

Display matching additional products

FACT-Finder's AI-powered recommendations evaluate the full contents of each shopping basket. If a basket contains a shirt and tie, recommendations will display products that complement both - such as a matching blazer.

Personalized to each customer

Match recommended products to customer's personal tastes to increase the likelihood of additional purchases. Personalized recommendations track individual clicks, the shopping cart, and previous purchases to deliver perfectly tailored product recommendations.

Match recommendations to personal preferences
Use recommendations to increase online sales of high margin products

Up-sell higher margin alternatives

FACT-Finder's recommendations, powered by AI, automatically display relevant product suggestions that provide opportunities for up-selling. All of the settings can also be configured in the intuitive back-end to achieve your business goals.

Across multiple touchpoints

Display personalized recommendations on your homepage, product detail pages, pop-ups when adding a product to the cart, newsletters, and more.

Best Practice: Recommendation Placement

Why it matters:

Significantly bigger
average basket value

customer loyalty

up-selling, cross-selling

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