Boost your sales and encourage greater customer loyalty through customized and intuitive product placements across landing pages and search results. Create everything yourself in just a few clicks – and without any help from IT.

How it benefits you


Higher AOV

thanks to targeted promotion​


Greater control

intuitive UI for business users​

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Launch campaigns

quickly to stay ahead of industry trends

Code-free merchandising campaigns

Visual merchandising is one of the most powerful sales levers in physical stores. With FactFinder, you can build merchandising campaigns within minutes - all without any programming knowledge. Include banners, content and other rich media in search results, category pages and landing pages all while highlighting the products you want to sell - the power is in your hands.

graphical user interface
graphical user interface, website

Improve SEA campaigns

When a customer reaches your online shop via a Google Ad, FactFinder can dynamically display products, filters and content that matches their keyword. This not only increases the ROI of your SEA campaigns but also makes a powerful first impression on visitors.

Guide customers with expert advice

Guide customers through difficult product decisions via targeted questions, just as a sales associate would do in-store. Each question answered narrows down the results, resulting in a precise pool of recommended products. With FactFinder's guided selling campaign, generic, typically non-converting search queries transform into reduced bounce, higher conversion and increased trust.

graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

The right content at the right time

Many online shoppers use the shop’s search function to do more than just find products - they also use it to search for general information such as T&Cs, shipping costs, opening times of local stores or advisory content. Redirects can be configured in just a few clicks to send customers directly to the most relevant page in the online shop, instantly creating a more intuitive user experience.

What makes us different?

Onsite marketing has never been easier, faster, or more flexible. Sell what you want, where you want. With an intuitive back-end built for business users, eCommerce teams can influence results and promote products - enhancing the automatic AI-generated results with their expert knowledge.

Case studies
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Cooksongold increases online shop conversion rate by 26%
FactFinder is a really powerful tool for us as a small team. 80% of the work is done immediately after installation. This leaves us to focus internally on campaigns based on our unique knowledge of our products and customers.
Jonathan Broadhurst
eCommerce Executive at Cooksongold
Industry insights
Online visual merchandising is employed to increase key online metrics such as engagement, time on site, conversion rate, and average order value.
Elevate Your Online Store's Appeal: Expert Visual Merchandising Guide & Tips
Virto Commerce: June 21, 2023.

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