Why B2B eCommerce needs better product discovery and search
We were joined by guest speaker Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to explore the dynamic landscape of search and product discovery in B2B eCommerce.
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Dive into the Future of AI & Product Discovery
A deep-dive webinar exploring the latest innovations in AI-driven Product Discovery, Search and Personalization, exclusively for our partners and potential partners.
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B2B eCommerce is booming, but this shift to online has its challenges
FactFinder’s AI-powered product discovery platform can help you overcome the obstacles in B2B eCommerce, helping your buyers find what they want, quickly and easily.
Webinar: “The Move to D2C with Ferrero” and Innovation-Spotting in Our Studio
How Ferrero has moved towards eCommerce and D2C, the factors driving their rapid revenue growth and a chat about future projects that John is looking forward to.
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The future of personalization, featuring Forrester
We sat down with Brendan Witcher, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester, to explore the current state of the market, best practices for personalization, and insights into what the future holds. 
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FactFinder increases sales for B2B industry leader, Berner Group
Katja Sallie, Product Owner eCommerce at The Berner Group, discusses their experiences using FactFinder and the effective search results across 15 countries.
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AI makes grocery shopping easier: Kastner's insights
Learn how FactFinder's Predictive Basket, a cutting-edge technology that accurately predicts and suggests products, is used by food wholesaler Kastner.
B2B, Food & beverage, Customer interview
Boosted eCommerce sales thanks to artificial intelligence
Maximilian Reiter, Kastner's Head of Business Development, explores the impact of FactFinder's Predictive Basket in eCommerce. He highlights how AI-driven tools can significantly enhance online sales and customer engagement.
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Sustainable user experience and 10 years with FactFinder
Melanie Giebler and Sebastian Staendecke from Bergfreunde joined us for an interview where they discussed Bergfreunde's choice to use FactFinder, working with our team, and sustainable user experience.
B2C, Sporting goods, Customer interview
From print catalog to full product range - interview with Seefelder
Achim Schneider, Head of Digitalization at Seefelder, discusses his experiences with FactFinder shares first-hand insights into Seefelder’s digitalization B2B journey - from initial challenges to amazing results.
B2B, Construction & machinery, Customer interview
Innovation and chocolate - interview with Kastner
Maximilian Reiter from the Kastner Group discusses the challenges of B2B retail, working with FactFinder, and life-saving chocolate as part of our Customer Conference.
B2B, Food & beverage, Customer interview
Why RE-IN trusts FactFinder for the last 10 years
Onsite search expert at RE-IN, Patricia Zwack, shares her first-hand experience of how FactFinder helps the eCommerce team optimize the customer experience as well as streamline digital marketing.
Customer interview, B2B
+10% conversions with Next Generation: project insights by RE-IN
Patricia Zwack has been working with FactFinder for nearly 10 years. She managed the migration from version 7.3 to Next Generation and shares her experience from the project.
Customer interview, B2B
Tapping into Next Generation: How PBS drives sales in 20 shops
Anja Hochmeier, Head of E-Business, Marketing and Customer Solutions at PBS, discusses FactFinder's functionalities such as Predictive Basket, spot-on recommendations and automatic search optimization.
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Customer testimonials on Next Generation
Is it worth switching to Next Generation? Find out directly from your industry peers what results they achieved, how the integration went, and how online shoppers responded to the improved search.
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How Nedis uses search and merchandising to maximize online sales
In this webinar, Frank Loeffen, Webshop Manager, discusses the challenges faced by the B2B and consumer electronics industries, the decision to optimize their search and merchandising, and the results following integration.
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5 conversion tricks that almost everyone is ignoring
Real talk with KonversionsKRAFT and FactFinder on the importance of doing the basics.
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Adapt your online store to the generational shift in home & garden
Steve Collinge, Managing Director of Insight Retail Group and Executive Editor of Insight DIY, discusses real-time personalization and how relevancy in search and recommendations keeps customers on your site.
B2C, Webinar, Home & garden
The digital advantage: next level experiences in home & garden
Guest speaker Steve Collinge, Managing Director of Insight Retail Group and Executive Editor of Insight DIY, discusses how to unlock the digital advantage in your online store.
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