Simplify browsing in your store and save manual effort. Product lists for your category pages can be generated and optimized quickly and easily from your product data.

How it benefits you

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+13% AOV

proven in an A/B test with our customer XXL


Higher relevance

and more sales via category pages



thanks to AI-based category listings

Categories that sell – powered by AI

In addition to search, navigation is one of the most important features in Product Discovery. With FactFinder, you not only accelerate the creation of your category lists, but also their optimization. Whether it's personalization, merchandising or ranking rules, all conversion features have an impact on your category pages. Your customers not only stay longer in the store, they also buy more and are likely to come back again.

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graphical user interface

Personalized product lists

Use self-learning algorithms to tailor your category pages to each individual customer. In combination with the Personalization module, you can individualize the sorting of your products in real time based on the purchase signals as well as the learned preferences of your online shoppers. This accelerates ROI, saves team resources and increases the conversion rate of your store navigation.

Machine learning without limits

Learn from the tracking data from your categories. With the navigation module, you ensure that your store learns from every click, shopping cart and purchase. This additional knowledge automatically improves your other store functions such as search, suggest and your recommendation engine. In addition, you can track the navigation behavior of your customers in the UI to optimize for even more conversion.

graphical user interface

Always up-to-date thanks to lightning-speed imports

Product inventories are dynamic - many retailers update their product range several times a day. It is therefore all the more important that every change in stock is also reflected in the online store as quickly as possible. Thanks to high indexing performance, your navigation can be updated within just a few minutes. Your category lists are generated quickly and easily from the product data. New products also appear immediately in the appropriate categories.

What makes us different?

The FactFinder algorithm delivers faster personalization while requiring less learning data. The AI delivers true 1:1 personalization based solely on unique customer preferences and real-time purchase intent. There's no need to provide cookies, segmentation, collaborative filtering or demographic data. Our unique machine-learning process also improves the overall relevance of your store.

What our customers say
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+12% sales and +13% AOV via category pages
We are very happy with the result. Now that we can personalize our product lists and offer a better page structure, we enable our customers to have an even better shopping experience.
Kim Andre Nilsen
VP eCommerce & Customer Experience
Industry insights
38% of customers look at the navigation links and layout when they access a page for the first time.
Website Navigation: The Ultimate Guide

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