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Bridge the gap between online and physical, connect shoppers to nearby products and unlock your local power. The Geo module transforms your multichannel business into a seamless omnichannel experience. 

How it benefits you:

Greater control

of inventory and costs

Incremental revenue
with in-store visits

Competitive edge
over online pure players

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Industry insights:

"44% of US online adults want information about product availability before they buy offline, and 33% say they’re less likely to visit a store if its inventory isn’t available online."

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Mastering The Art Of Omnichannel Retailing
Forrester Research, Inc., January 4th, 2022
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Expand your revenue radius with multi-location search

Don't limit results to just one pre-selected shop and risk a sale. It could be that certain products might not be in stock at that time or unavailable for local pickup. Geo enables viewing products from multiple nearby locations at the same time.

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Several fulfillment options for individual needs

The popularity of lockers, curbside pickup, and click & collect confirms shoppers want options when choosing how and when they receive their goods. Geo enables your shop to easily adapt to visitors' preferences, delivering more choices, less or no shipping costs, easier returns, and purchase confidence.

Find their perfect match with distance-based ranking

You know price, availability, and popularity to be key factors in ranking products within the search results. But so is local proximity. With Geo, you can use the distance of a product to the user as an additional deciding criteria. The closer the item is to the user, the higher it is in the results. 

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Think global, act local using targeted merchandising

Refine your digital marketing campaigns to connect with local shoppers and drive traffic to your physical stores. Whether it's a local sales event, seasonal offers, or regional specialties, consumers respond better to hyper-targeted campaigns than mass marketing.

What makes us different?

Geo breaks the limits of how geolocation is used in eCommerce. Where most solutions use location only as a search accessory, Geo is a standalone, complete module that goes beyond the traditional to offer you more precise ways to customize the user experience.

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