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Geo Module

Bridge the gap between online and physical, connect buyers to products

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Unlock your local sales

The geographical location of online visitors is valuable data for improving conversion as it allows you to display more personalized, location-based content – whether it's the nearest store and locally stocked items, or information on shipping and click & collect.

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Shopping local is here to stay

Industry reports indicate that accessibility to local shopping information will remain a key driver of customer satisfaction and expectations. Click and collect sales in the UK, for example, are expected to continue growing, reaching €11.9 billion by 2023. 


Location is key for retailers

Location, location, location. It’s key for retailers who want to digitally map products from different warehouses or branches, a means to segment and market your customer base more effectively and a tool to improve your bottom line. Use cases for the Geo Module are many and varied!

Area search

Limit search results based on proximity. For example, if a user is close to four of your stores, you can choose to display product results from these four shops only and exclude those from shops that are further away.

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Filter by local availability

Allow online visitors to filter product results by availability in local stores. Ideal for click and collect!

Distance-based ranking

Adjust the ranking of products based on their distance to the customer. Products within a radius you specify will be ranked higher in the search results.  

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Localized prices and products

Display store-specific prices. For example, for local discount promotions. Or offer targeted regional products and specialties!

Targeted merchandising

Create digital campaigns with store-specific data and inform shoppers or local sales events or seasonal offers. A perfect way to bring online visitors into physical stores!


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