Maximize upselling and cross-selling with personalized and automatic 1:1 product recommendations. The AI analyzes clicks, shopping carts, past purchases, and data on combined sales to generate specific recommendations that adjust in real time to each individual customer.

How it benefits you


Higher AOV

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1:1 personalization

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less manual effort

Boost impulse buying

What works in the checkout aisle at the store works even better in your online shop. Intelligently placed complementary or alternative products increases both shopping convenience and average order value. Automatically show highly relevant, helpful, and smart product recommendations that convert.

Personalized inspiration

Colors, brands, categories, price ranges: every customer has their own preferences. You can cater to them all thanks to our AI-powered recommendations, which process not only historical click and purchase data, but also the live signals of each individual online shopper. Ultra-relevant 1:1 recommendations, in real time and GDPR compliant.

Automation with control

Recommendations are relevant even if no historical data is available. Thanks to machine learning, even newly listed products or niche items are taken into account. Want to make optimizations on your own? Take the wheel at any time via the intuitive backend. Your manually created recommendation rules always have priority.

Upselling with alternative products

While on product detail pages, many customers are still in the middle of the selection process and grateful for any inspiration. So why not offer alternatives? These could be anything from higher-margin items to your own brands, allowing you to match recommendations with your unique business objectives. We give you as much or as little control as you like.

Context is king

To generate the best possible recommendations, FactFinder can take into account not only individual products, but several - for example, everything in the shopping cart. If there is a shirt and a tie, recommendations will suggest products that match both, be it a vest, a belt or shoes.

Delight at every touchpoint

Maintain full flexibility on the placement of your product recommendations. They can be displayed across the customer journey, including on the homepage, product detail pages, in the shopping cart, pop-ups, and more.

What makes us different?

Our recommendations don't rely on big data such as frequently combined products, sensitive demographic data, or log-ins. Instead, our AI algorithm focuses on real-time signals from customers and its understanding of the relationships among products - no matter how they are named. It also takes into account new products and niche items that are ignored by traditional recommendation engines. Automation covers everything that would never be possible with manual rules. As a result, you accelerate ROI, save time, and maximize the relevance of your recommendations.

Industry insights
Approximately one-third of US online adults (33%) and UK online adults (30%) say it’s important that retailers provide product recommendations based on their shopping or browsing history. And that’s even more true for younger US online adults ages 18 to 24 (46%).
Must-Have E-Commerce Features
Forrester Research, Inc., February 18th, 2022
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Report available to Forrester clients or for purchase

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