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What we do at FACT-Finder

This Blog is for you, shop-owners and eCommerce managers! We are working inside the industry for almost a decade now and implemented our technologies in hundreds of European online-shops. Here we’d like to share some thoughts and ideas about conversion, eCommerce and online shopping. But before we start let me tell you a little story about who we are …

Carsten Kraus


Walking by a department store in the city of your hometown it’s the window that catches your attention. Well prepared suits and dresses behind glass, everything is arranged in a golden green surrounding. You decide to go inside.



The way to your left guides you to bags and suit cases, on the right ties, belts and socks. You know that golf and tennis equipment are on the upper floor, and that the finest red wines you will find in the basement. You have learned these structures since you first started visiting stores.


Today you are relaxed and have time to stroll and have a look at all the interesting new products well placed in the shelves and display areas. The sales people will suggest and consult, leading you to the right tie, shoes or shirt that fits the suit you just chose.


But there have been other days in the past when you were in a hurry and sought a salesperson directly. Maybe you said something like, “I’m looking for this new fragrance for women. I saw the commercial last week and the bottle had the shape of a diamond, colored ice blue. Unfortunately I don’t know the name…” You may have been searching for a present for someone you really care a about. You had no time to look at all the other things left and right. The sales person was able to help you and found the product, even though you didn’t know the name.


Finally, you found what you were looking for and went on to the checkout. You liked the flexibility of having different ways to pay. We are all used to this procedure – it is comfortable and you leave the store with the desired product and with some impressions of a great shopping trip.


Actually there is no difference if you shop online. Sometimes you want window-shopping and have a relaxed look around. Other days you just want a fast result and tend to use the search directly.

This is precisely what we do for online-shoppers. We are the navigator that guides them through products and categories, we answer and help them refine their search, we are the ones providing them with recommendations gathered by style and from other customer’s choices. In short, we support them in any way that helps them find and buy what they desire. Your customers will be happier and you will sell more.


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