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Leading European e-commerce

With over 18 years of experience, FACT-Finder is one of the leading names in European e-commerce. Hobbycraft, Lidl, Foot Locker, OBI, Intersport and more than 1,800 other online retailers benefit from FACT-Finder solutions.

Innovation meets commitment

Let our comprehensive services, innovative technologies and in-house research department assist you with your e-commerce strategy. We take pride in the technical and personal support we provide to our clients and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Setting performance standards

Our high indexing speed (approximately 10,000 records per second) means routine tasks such as data comparisons and population surveys are completed within minutes – so your product data and offers are always up to date.

The Managing Directors

Carsten Kraus (Founder & CEO) and Andreas Drechsler (MD & COO)

Andreas Drechsler has been Managing Director and COO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH since May 2014, and is responsible for the operational business of one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Germany. Andreas' role is to further advance FACT-Finder’s expansion in the European market and abroad.

Carsten Kraus is the founder and CEO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH. While at school he created FACT®, an intelligent similarity algorithm, which evolved into the FACT-Finder technology we use today. With over 100 articles, he is the most widely published data quality expert in Germany and a recognized e-commerce expert across Europe.

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Director of services informatique

"We chose FACT-Finder due to the rapid implementation. The benefits are evident: The bounce rate on the results page has been reduced by 50%."

Xavier Gerbeaud, Plantes et Jardins
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Truly International

You will find our offices all over Europe.

FACT-Finder, truly international

About Omikron

Founded in 1981, Omikron is a global software company devoted to the development of outstanding technology. In 1988, Atari licensed the Omikron-Basic programming language, supplying it with the new Atari computer in 8 countries. In 1993, Omikron created DBRS®, its first Data Quality application, which was a DOS application for finding and eliminating duplicates. The core algorithm in FACT® is based on a mathematical and linguistic similarity analysis, which is a significant improvement on contemporary phonetic approaches.

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