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World's leading search technology

With over 20 years of experience, FACT-Finder is one of the leading names in e-commerce. Lidl, Foot Locker, OBI, Intersport and more than 1,800 other online retailers benefit from FACT-Finder solutions.

Innovation meets commitment

Let our comprehensive services, innovative technologies and in-house research department assist you with your e-commerce strategy. We take pride in the technical and personal support we provide to our clients and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Setting performance standards

Our high indexing speed means routine tasks such as data comparisons and population surveys are completed within minutes – so your product data and offers are always up to date.

Emile Bloemen, Chief Executive Officer

Emile is responsible for the strategy and product development of FACT-Finder's conversion engine as well as further expansion in the European market and abroad.

Prior to joining FACT-Finder in February 2021, Emile was senior vice president enterprise & commerce at Productsup, chief revenue officer at Volo Commerce, and global vice president at SAP Hybris, playing a key role in shaping the success of the SAP subsidiary.

Now in portfolio: Scandinavia's #1 personalization solution

In October 2021, FACT-Finder announced the acquisition of Loop54, making it one of the first major consolidations of SaaS solutions in search, merch and personalization. Loop54 is the Scandinavian market leader for real-time, 1-to1, AI personalization in e-commerce. The merging of these two technologies will shape the future of e-commerce, delivering digital shopping experiences unlike any other on the market and providing FACT-Finder users with a sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more...