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Accelerate growth in the ePharmacy market

The European ePharmacy market is poised for rapid growth, with a projected CAGR of 17.65% until 2028, as per Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. Explore how our AI-driven product discovery solution can catapult your pharmacy ahead of the market curve, creating experiences that resonate with customers and drive significant growth.


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Smart search that gets what shoppers need

Whether it's 'headache', 'aspirin', '10203626 (PZN)', or 'acetylsalicylic acid', our AI-powered search connects shoppers to the right product every time. In the world of complex pharmaceutical assortments, a search that understands semantics is key to preventing frustration, poor conversion and high bounce rates. Our intelligent search delivers the most relevant results, every time.
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Safe and effective product recommendations

For online shops, boosting average shopping basket sizes with suitable products is essential. In Pharmacy, this task is compounded by the need to avoid recommending products that, when combined, might cause side effects. FactFinder's solution, offering AI-driven but manually adjustable recommendations, equips you with the tools necessary for a safe and effective recommendation strategy.
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Stay ahead with trend-responsive assortment

A new disease emerges, a TV ad promotes a specific drug - these are examples of external trends constantly influencing your pharmacy's assortment. Our Pulse AI is designed to detect such trends and automatically boosts trending products to top positions. Simultaneously, you have the flexibility to manually adjust rankings to suit your business goals, ensuring your product range is always aligned with current market dynamics.
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Optimizing revenue with streamlined navigation
After the quick and easy integration of FactFinder, increased its sales by around 22%. Thanks to suggest and after search navigation, our customers can find the right articles in the shortest possible time - with a range of over 100,000 products."
Christiane Bülow-Bichler

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Frequently asked questions

What does FactFinder cost?

FactFinder is tailored to your individual goals - for more conversion, sales and customer satisfaction. Our pricing depends on the number of activated modules, monthly searches and required channels. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right solution package. For a price indication that is as accurate as possible, please fill out the form on our pricing page.

How can FactFinder be integrated into my online store?
FactFinder offers three flexible integration methods: API integration for full control with JSON data responses, WebComponents for easy UI integration with automatic result rendering, and connector integrations for streamlined data export and front-end implementation. Each method is designed to suit different needs, ensuring seamless integration with your platform. For additional guidance and to see which method best fits you, check out the integration page.
What else does FactFinder offer that can benefit my business?
FactFinder can enhance your eCommerce platform with AI-driven personalization, advanced site search, intuitive navigation, dynamic merchandising and more. Get in touch today and we’ll show you our platform in action.