AI's Impact on Europe's eCommerce:

Must-read 2023 trend report

Europe's top decision-makers weigh in on AI in the digital marketplace

In partnership with Moweb Research, we've surveyed 300 decision-makers to uncover the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in Europe's eCommerce landscape. As the digital marketplace rapidly evolves, this report offers a deep dive into AI's current impact, strategies adopted by industry leaders, and the potential of AI-driven platforms in product discovery.

What you'll get:

  • Dive into perspectives from 300 eCommerce experts.
  • Grasp AI's game-changing influence on digital commerce.
  • Discover how much your competitors are investing in AI.
  • Explore how AI is revolutionizing product discovery.

A snapshot of our critical findings:

  • "70% of leaders attribute eCommerce success to AI."
  • "86% of businesses are increasing their AI investments."
  • "Germany leads in AI investment within eCommerce."
  • "62% believe AI will grow, not reduce, their teams."

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