Data protection compliance of FactFinder hosting solutions according to GDPR

Hosting in the EU

The search queries for customers in the European Union are processed exclusively on servers within the European Union (the server location, in this case, is Frankfurt am Main).

Retention of data

As an operator of hosted search services, FactFinder takes the protection of personal data very seriously. We treat personal data confidentially and in accordance with legal data protection regulations. Therefore, the hosted FactFinder solutions only store the data that is absolutely necessary for technical operation and functionality. FactFinder stores the information that is transmitted to FactFinder through the shop application. This information includes, in particular, the following:

  • IP address of the shop
  • A user and / or session ID for the modules Tracking, Analytics and Personalization, if applicable, provided by the shop
  • Information on search, time, and, if necessary, when using the Geo search, the geolocation provided by the shop as the starting point for the search


Special feature when using personalization

When using the Personalization module, the following additional information is stored from the log data based on the user and/or session ID transmitted by the shop in order to enable a personalized search result: 

  • The user and/or session ID for the modules Tracking, Analytics and Personalization transmitted by the shop 
  • The interactions are assigned to the user and/or session ID in the search result

The data remains on the servers and can only be viewed by authorized customers. It is not possible for Omikron to assign the stored data to natural persons when transmitting anonymous user and/or session IDs.


Personal data collected during the operation of the FactFinder server application will only be used by us to ensure the operation and fulfillment of the hosted services and will under no circumstances be used for any other purpose or sold.

Legal basis of storage

The processing and storage of the data are necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations.

Deletion of stored data

The data arising during the operation of the application is stored and retained for the entire term of the contract. The data will be deleted 3 months after the termination of the contract.