Internet Retailing report:

Intelligence by design

How companies and shoppers are reacting to the rise of AI in product search

AI-powered search is a brilliant innovation that will make all our lives easier, but it is not yet foolproof. The title of this whitepaper is ‘Intelligence by design’ – because, while today’s businesses need the power and versatility of AI, their managers and teams also need to retain an element of control, to be able to override the automation and make the kind of small but crucial tweaks that only come with human intelligence, instinct and experience. Here's a sneak peek of topics covered in the report:

  • AI and search: a brief history
  • Market context: are customer expectations being met?
  • What do businesses want from a product discovery platform?
  • How can AI help?
  • Survey: attitudes to online shopping and search in 7 European countries, 2023
  • Cases studies

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