On demand video:

Why B2B eCommerce needs better product discovery and search

Featuring Forrester analyst Emily Pfeiffer

On demand video:
How to drive unprecedented growth in B2B

We were joined by guest speaker Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to explore the dynamic landscape of search and product discovery in B2B eCommerce. In today's interconnected marketplace, the demand for seamless and personalized experiences is paramount. This holds true not only for B2C but is equally vital in the intricate realm of B2B eCommerce. Watch the video to see how search and product discovery can revolutionize your approach to customer engagement and drive unprecedented growth in B2B.

What to expect:

  • Parallels between customer demands in B2C and B2B
  • Key areas where B2B stands apart
  • Managing complex product catalogs effectively
  • Q&A session: Hear questions from your peers, along with answers straight from the experts

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Emily Pfeiffer
Principal Analyst

Emily serves digital business leaders in her comprehensive coverage of commerce technology. Fueled by her FIRE (flexible, inexpensive, rapid, and easy) vision for commerce tech, she works with brands and retailers to guide their future fit strategies for platform and partner selection and management. Emily’s 20-plus years in digital include leadership at an eCommerce platform, where she was responsible for the marketing, sales, and customer service teams, extensive consulting, and IT management.


Iain Gray
Head of Presales

Iain has more than 30 years of experience in consulting and technology. As an expert in presales, he knows exactly how the right solution can enable businesses to improve customer experience and efficiency. Before joining FactFinder, he worked in companies such as SAP Hybris, Oracle and Collibra.


Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans brings a hands-on approach and over 15 years of experience to her role as the Chief Marketing Officer at FactFinder. Known for her practical strategies in B2B SaaS marketing, she excels in driving growth and enhancing customer engagement.

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