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Styla and FACT-Finder Announce Strategic Partnership in the UK

Software vendors Styla and FACT-Finder start their collaboration in the UK after already successfully working together in Germany. The UK partnership starts with a joint webinar on August 8th, 2019.

Posted on 4th of July, 2019

Styla, the leading provider of a no-code Content Management System, and the conversion engine provider FACT-Finder have formed a technology partnership to help brands and retailers effortlessly create content experiences that convert. With the integration of both solutions, companies can quickly and easily produce content and display it at the most relevant moments in the customer journey.

Styla's technology enables an agile content production and publishing process. The content management system allows the user to create visually appealing content without any IT effort or help of an agency. Its interface is so intuitive that users can create and publish content in a few minutes - this enables brands to create entirely new landing pages, create bespoke category pages, dynamically inject new content into any content slot and much more.

But it is not enough to have creative content if online visitors cannot find it. To ensure that it can easily be found (and at the right moments), FACT-Finder offers the perfect solution. In addition to optimising the onsite-search with error-tolerant features and smart, AI-driven product recommendations, it also shows relevant content in the search results and suggestions bar. FACT-Finder’s other features include guided selling, personalisation, merchandising, and more.

By using Styla and FACT-Finder together, brands and retailers get their customers inspired by relevant content which helps them to find the right products, which increases conversion and customer loyalty. An example of a shared client is the German hardware store OBI. They create their inspirational content with Styla and optimize their ecommerce platform with FACT-Finder.

To learn more about Styla’s and FACT-Finder’s partnership and e-commerce solutions, join them for their webinar on the 8th of August 2019 at 2:30 BST.

Join us for the webinar